1.18.10 End of Semester in Bookstore

I was at a party at a classmate’s house. There were lots of people there. It was a big house that could accommodate a large social gathering. In a family room, a girl lounging on a couch made a comment about my looks as a I was walking by. She seemed drunk. The comment wasn’t too favorable. She had freckles, a round face and long brown hair.

I was at school preparing for the end of semester final exams. I was in a big textbook storage area like a bookstore or a library, helping to process and pack up books for storage for the next semester. It seemed like it was part of a class assignment. There were faculty and bookstore staff coordinating and directing the process. There were also many other students scrambling around. There were lots of commotion and we were in a big rush to beat a deadline. Students were happy that school was over and talked about partying and going on vacations. We were anxious and looking forward to getting the task done.

I had just moved into a new apartment in my apt complex. It was on the first floor closer to the front office. Boxes and furniture were scattered and piled all over the place. One of the maintenance staff came over to repair something mechanical. While he was over I looked out the dining room window into the courtyard.


1.13.10 Geography Class in a Science classroom

I was in a corridor inside a school building on a high school or community college type campus. The hall was crowded with students going to and from classes, like it was the class change break. I was making my way to a class at the end of the hall. I was a few minutes late, I saw the teacher already closing the door.  The teacher was the professor from the advance video production class. The classroom was small, and was setup to be a science lab type class with seating at tables and all the usual scientific equipment. My seat assignment was near the back corner. As soon as I sat down I looked around at the other students and wondered what was going on. I was handed a map of Canada and was told to use our world atlas and fill in the names of the states. But the map I was handed already had the names filled in by another student. Someone grabbed it from me and gave me a blank map.

I was at a harbor boarding a cruise ship getting ready to leave on a cruise. I was traveling with a few other persons. I entered the lobby area on the main deck and was amazed how big and cavernous the lobby was. It was like a big ballroom, or convention meeting hall. As soon as I checked in I went back outside to look around. I noticed that the ship was smaller than the average modern cruise ship. There was a row of warehouses on one side. On the other side another cruise ship was parked. It was bigger and longer, but it was not in service. I walked up to a hill near the bow of the ship. From there I was able to see the ships and the harbor. Beyond the harbor was a bay, and across the bay I could see more piers and factory/warehouse buildings. The weather was cloudy and very windy, as if a big storm was approaching.

I was in a hotel room, or someone’s apartment, with 3 other classmates. Seems like we were on a weekend field trip. I was lying down on the bed. One of the other guys was lying down on my legs. We were waiting for the girl in our group to get ready as were about to leave to go somewhere.

1.7.10 Trip to Casino Town

I went on a snowboard/sightseeing trip to a big casino gambling town located near a mountain range and a desert region, similar to central Oregon. The town was very metropolitan, busy, touristy, and glitzy, like Vegas.  I walked along one of the main streets, exploring the city, while carrying a plastic bag of souvenirs and dry food. Most of the buildings were old and vintage, and close together, like in San Francisco.

I seem to be part of a large tour group. We stayed at a huge hotel whose lobby and first floor resembled an indoor mall, lined with all sorts of shops and restaurants. After eating a heavy buffet breakfast, we were ready to leave the city. We traveled by air. The hotel was connected to the airport terminal, which made things very convenient. An escalator transports guests between the hotel and the terminal.

Just before departure, I realized that I had misplaced that plastic bag of souvenirs. I told the host/tour guide/steward that I had lost it and that I want to go look for it. They said I’ll have to forget it because we’re ready to depart. I was very disappointed. I still had with me 3 luggages:  backpack, duffle bag and snowboard bag. I entered the aircraft. It was super wide body and had several floors, like a cruise ship. I was directed to go to the main deck. There were a few windows but they were very big, from waist level to the ceiling. Seating was like a college classroom: all tables.  Passengers sat around the tables, facing each other, like a classroom setting. They were all classmates. I was one of the last to board so there weren’t many seats open, but eventually I did find one.  As the plane started to roll away from the terminal, the windows became tinted until there were solid black and you couldn’t see through them.

1.5.10 Field Trip to Water Park

I was at some kind of water park/amusement park with a group of classmates, on some field trip. There were a variety of swimming pools, slides, waterfalls, climbing obstacles, all sorts of fun stuff to play on. It was crowded. It was mid to late spring. The park was rather small and it was enclosed by a wooden fence. Most of the structures, ladders, and architecture were made of wood and tiki materials. I was climbing up and down ladders and going from pool to pool trying to outrun a girl classmate who was chasing me in a game of tag. A multilevel parking structure was connected to this park.

I left the park to see what was outside around the park. The park was located in the middle of a city. The streets were on hilly terrain, but not as high as like in San Francisco. Traffic was moderate. There were alot of small boutique shops, mostly vintage/antique shops, that lined the streets which had metered parallel parking.

I went to a big breakfast party of family and relatives at someone’s house. There were alot of people and alot of commotion was going on, especially in the kitchen and dining room. It seemed like the house was a suburban track house. A regular breakfast of ham/sausage and eggs were being cooked and served. It felt like I had just returned from a long trip.

The downstairs neighbor in the 2 story apt complex I lived in was one of the classmates from my interactive media class (the photocomm major guy) who lived by himself. We just got back from campus at about the same time but seperately. As soon as he got in I heard loud music coming from his apt. I went to the bathroom and placed my ear against the air vent on the wall that was connected to the bathroom in his apt so I could hear what group it was. I could now clearly hear who the artist was: it was a female pop singer. The weather was warm and sunny. It seemed like it was late spring, near the end of the semester.

1.4.10 High School Group

I was living in a large luxurious custom built house in a residential neighborhood that was on the side of a hill in a semi-tropical environment of lots of bushes, green plants and tropical trees, like Florida or the Caribbean. There was a large body of water nearby, and a coastline with beaches, but it was hardly visible because of the tall trees. I visited a neighbor’s house owned by an older couple. The house was big but had a very small kitchen. There were 2 giant gas stoves and 2 big stock pots on them, one was used for cooking or steaming and the other was used for boiling water. I wondered what they were cooking that required so much hot water.

I was riding a bike with some friends in the lower part of the hillside. The street we were on ended at an upscale gated community. Tall banana trees and bamboo plants lined both sides of the street which reflected the area’s tropical feel.  The gate was open but we decided to go somewhere else.

I was in the cafeteria or student center area at my school (a college) and there was a small group of kids from the local high school in a teacher’s office recruiting people to join their high school band, or some kind of performing act. I decided to check it out. I went with them back to their high school in an old rusty van that was ready to break down, with one of them driving. There were no seats but it had cargo racks on the roof. They were a bunch of fun, energetic, outgoing partier type of kids. En route I asked them why can’t they find people at their own school rather than having to come to my school to get people. They said too many people at their school were ‘sick’. I suggested that we should make plans to go on a snowboarding trip in this van. Someone told me that their wasn’t enough interest at their school to make such a trip.

When we arrived we pulled up to the auto shop section of their campus that was arranged in a semicircle. Students were busily working inside the garages and most were not interrupted by our arrival. The group of kids I came with got out and we went inside an office and started looking for some kind of gear.

1.1.10 First Floor Apt

Shaun and I were roommates in a 2bdrm apt on the first floor. Our backyard patio opened up to a field of grass, weeds and trees. There was a lot of wildlife in this field that we could see; birds, lizards and furry four-legged creatures. The patio was covered and shaded and surrounded by a few pine trees.  Pine needles and pinecones covered the patio, and I was about to sweep it but never got around to doing it.  The patio was outside the living room, separated by a large glass sliding door. When I looked out the glass door I saw a little kitten curled up sleeping near the edge of the patio.

We got back from some kind of outing to a distant city, like a snowboarding trip or to visit a city that included an outdoor hike and a visit to a mall-like place.  He left the apt and I did some house cleaning, like washing dishes and organizing the house. He came back with a friend and asked what did I do while he was out. All of us were planning to go out to do something.