8.5.10 Vegas in the Library

I went traveling with a friend to a touristy city that seemed far from the ocean. It seemed like there were one or more major attractions there. We were in a busy downtown section that was hilly. There were lots of ethnic eateries and shops there. We joined 2 others for a lunch at a cafe and sat at a table on the edge of the outdoor patio that overlooked a side street below.

The friend and I drove to the town, and on the way out we stopped near a fast food place that opened up to the street because a girl that he knew walked in there and he went in to find her. I stayed outside and waited.

I was at school during the night. It was a big university. I was in the library coming from some class. Walking towards the main entrance, I passed by a gambling section which had several large slot machines. There lots of students playing there, it was like a video game arcade except with slot machines. Two guys were at one machine won and quarters kept coming out non stop, at the receptacle behind the machine. It was a huge cash prize, the machine kept pouring coins. A security guy came over to check to see what all the commotion was and to make sure everything was ok.

I walking down a quad and it was dark, rainy and cold. There were some snow on the ground. I was thinking that I’d have to walk to where I parked without an umbrella and I’d get soaking wet.

The place where I parked turned into a scene where I was fixing a bicycle and getting ready to go on a bike riding trip. I had to connect some cords and cables to get the repair done. Then Katie came by on a bike too and I looked at her bike. We were happy to see each other. Our bikes consisted of computer components. After the repair checked out, Katie joined me for the remainder of the bike trip.