1.17.11 Big Event at Theme Park

In the neighborhood where I live there was  a huge land developing project for new homes/condos. It was along my usual route to school or work. Huge earth moving equipment and earth trenchers were leveling a bare hill, making new flat land for housing construction. The earth trenchers were towering above me and the area was very dirty and messy, and I was careful to avoid the area.

I was at a department store like Target looking for a bmx bike. There were only 3 models, none of which I liked. One of the tires was flat and I asked the cashier guy to inflate it. Their bike display seemed disorganized and incomplete.

I was working at a large theme park with water rides and whale shows, like Seaworld. It was located next to a beach or coastline. The weather was warm and the park was busy. We were preparing for some kind of big event that was to take place in a venue like a convention hall, and I was rushing to finish eating the rest of my lunch which was Chinese food, which consisted of fried pancakes, noodles and dumplings.