October Travel 2017

The summer tourist season is over. Nice sunny weather. Winter snow has not yet arrived. It’s my favorite time to travel!


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Airfare for $29 between Norcal and Socal? Are you kidding me? They’re not making any money!


October is an excellent time to visit Apple Hill. Located near Placerville in the foothills of the Sierra, Apple Hill is a collection of u-pick orchards, a local attraction during the fall months.


This orchard has a bakery section selling homemade pies.
I bought a couple of apple turnovers and dumplings to take with me.


Bakery section of a Korean supermarket called Korean Plaza I visited in Rancho Cordova.


For breakfast on the day of departure I found this small hole-in-the-wall dim sum place in downtown Sac. They have all my usual favorites, steamed dim sum and baked yam with crispy crust and sesame black bean donuts. Everything here was very delicious. They also have daily specials and other cook to order hot entrees.


This was my first time ever to fly out of and into the Sacramento Int’l Airport. It looks very modern. To the right is baggage claim and ground transportation. Next floor up is ticketing, and on the third floor is dining and retail.
You need to take a monorail from the ticketing bldg to the terminal bldg. I find this a little unusual; maybe because they built a second terminal that needed to be some distance from the current terminal. The plane I was to fly in is on the right. This was also my first time to use the cell phone as a boarding pass. The airport is about 12 miles northwest of downtown near Woodland, so those who drive through town may not see it.
San Diego airport is in the center of the picture.


Inspired by the TV show “Vikings” thought I’d try my hand at archery at Performance Archery in Miramar. Maybe add a new skill set to my Viking character! They have an indoor range and one-hour beginner lessons throughout the week. Had lots of fun, though I learned a little more about aiming from watching Youtube videos.

20171021_121936-arch-       20171021_122330-arch-



After the archery lesson a stop in nearby Mira Mesa for Philippine food where you’ll find a number of Philippine food outlets like this one called Manila Fast Food and Desserts. They are very busy weekend afternoons. Menudo is my fave!


Next door is Seafood City, a supermarket chain specializing in Filipino groceries. This is the dining section. Their bakery (behind the camera) carries a wide variety of breads and pastries, including my favorites BBQ pork buns and hopia.
Their grilled meats hot deli counter.


The newest dim sum restaurant to open in San Diego is Fung Fung Yien. It occupies a former Hometown Buffet bldg. Dim Sum items are brought to you on a cart, and the setting and interior decor is nice but the loud top-40 music that was playing on the PA was I thought, a little abnormal for a Chinese sit down restaurant.
Everything looks very good. But the quality is bland and tasteless. Interestingly their online reviews did not mention much about the lack of taste. I must have high expectations!


Despite all the food in this post, I actually spent most of my time working on a video about my experience working in the California Conservation Corps.


Another one of my favorite ethnic foods is Middle Eastern cuisine. You can get it to go at the prepared hot food counter at Balboa International Market, a market that carries mostly foods from the Mediterranean region. My favorite is the #1 called the Koobideh Kabob – seasoned ground beef shish kabob with basmati rice, pita bread, grilled tomato and salad.
The candy and snacks counter.


Late morning departure from San Diego airport. Returning to Sac!
What is that hose connected to the fuselage under the cockpit? I’m guessing fuel line? And what does that big yellow hose thing near the engine do? Note the copilot looks like a ghost!
As I travel entirely in 737s, I use this bag as a carry on. It fits perfectly in 737 overhead bins.
I place the backpack under the front seat. Still room leftover for feet.
Looking across the isle from my window seat. These budget airlines tend to cram as many people as they can into the cabin, luckily though the one hour and 14 minutes flight time goes by rather quickly. You can go the entire trip and not say a single word to anyone around you. These older 737s don’t have the mini monitors behind the seats.
View of the airport during takeoff.
A surprise fly by over Catalina Island. Maybe the plane has to fly far out into the ocean to avoid LAX traffic?


While in Sacramento I always get my dim sum fix at Ranch 99! Ten bucks for that pile of dim sum in the to-go box! (6 har-gow, 3 shu mei, 1 unknown dim sum, 2 sesame donuts). I just noticed they have another one of my favorites in this pic, shao bing youtiao! The youtiao (deep fried crispy dough stick) is typically placed inside the bing (flakey flatbread) and eaten together as a sandwich.
On the right is chicken feet.
The dining area, showing (l to r) dim sum section, soup section, duck section and hot entrees.



My take home haul included some dim sum, beef noodle soup and a few hot entrees – fried rice, chow fun, mei fun, bbq ribs and sweet and sour chicken, plus a few goodies from the bakery.


Click here for a video tour of this Ranch 99. Watch this Youtuber’s reactions to Asian items as she takes you to the different departments, with occasional humorous commentary.