7.22.10 Pippi Longstocking

I was living in Reno and had moved into an single room apt on the fourth floor of an apt building in downtown Reno. The building was shape like a square box and I think it was made of brick. I looked out the window that was facing the southwest and saw a wild fast-moving river down below. It looked like there was a flood going on.

I was on a weekend trip during the school year and on the way back home, I stopped at a big hilly city like San Francisco to visit a family friend who had a house in a residential part of the town. The house seemed like a track house and was very old, may be like 1950ish era. Almost all of the houses in the neighborhood were painted white which made it look very homogeneous and generic. One of the members of this household was a girl who was attending a community college.  She was a petite blonde and looked athletic. She came across to me looking like an older version of Pippi Longstocking – outgoing, adventurous, carefree, but had long blonde hair instead of red.

There were other people in the house, most likely family or relatives. I stayed overnight. There weren’t enough bedrooms so I slept in a sleeping bag in the living room floor, near the kitchen that was near the front door. The girl also joined me in the living room, crashing in her own sleeping. There were a few others sleeping in the living room. She seemed to really like me, and I liked her too. I was thinking she could be gf material. I was about to ask her if she’d like to take a walk around the neighborhood with me. I had a feeling that we would be holding hands.

The next morning we went window shopping at one of the retail strips in town. It looked like downtown Berkeley or Chinatown but was much cleaner and had different types of ethnic shops. It seem like a Sunday morning and the street was very busy and crowded with lots of pedestrians. The sun was directly overhead so it was around midday. I waited alongside a curb next to newspaper dispensers while she was shopping in one of the small boutiques. A man asked me to move because one of the stores was about to place some boxes near the curb.


7.17.10 School Bake Sale

I went on a trip to Reno with a family member. It was during the warm summer months. We were on a hiking trail towards the west end of town, at the foothills, which started in a meadow of big oak trees. The trail seemed to be located on a dry creek bed. The trail was rocky and there were vegetation on both sides. On the right there was a wooden fence. As we went along on the trail, it got narrower and steeper, until it was practically vertical straight up, and we had to use the wooden fence as a handrail to climb up. I thought it would be scary to climb back down during the return trip.

I was at school, in an empty auditorium with a few classmates. At one end the auditorium opened up to what appears to be a large swimming pool in a resort/hotel type setting. We were talking in a circle. Shaun was wearing some old shoes and I let him try on one of my slip-ons from my right foot, which seems to fit him.

I went to a large lecture classroom, presumably where one of my classes took place. There was no one there, but I hanged around a little bit then left wearing another guy’s blue denim jeans for some reason. I left mine there, and as I was walking down the hall I was thinking who would be wearing my pants and about the homework I needed to do for an upcoming class.

There was a big bake sale taking place in the basement of the library. The entire hallway was lined with tables that had all sorts of different types of bread loaves on them. They looked like they were homemade and were each wrapped in plastic bags. There was no one around which was surprising, except for one or two maintainence/custodial guys, one of which was pushing around a cart with boxes on it. I peeked in some of the classrooms and it looked like they were decorated for a special event or banquet. There was also no one in these rooms. Near the TV broadcast studio, I grabbed a couple of bread slices off a table that were individually wrapped in small plastic bags, like Asian bakeries. I examined them and they were sliced and had something like blueberries mixed in. A pair of office ladies approached and they also grabbed a few bags of bread.

Before I left the basement I went in the mens room which was small and cramped. After I entered, a dark complexion hispanic guy came in, with an electric guitar around his shoulders. He set it on the counter by the sink.

7.12.10 Math Class

I was living in a mountainous area with lots of tall trees like Northern Cal or the Pac NW. I was on a crowded train or trolley on the way to school during the midmorning rush. I saw on board a blonde girl I liked when I was in jr high school. She was standing near the door and got off before I did. She was with a tall skinny dude.

The campus was located on hilly terrain. It was a warm summer-like day. I was rushing to make it to a class. It was a math class, in an old building with a high ceiling. I sat near the back in a center row. Most of the other students in this class were former classmates from other classes I had.  It was a good feeling to know I had some friends already. The teacher was a lady. When class was done, I was one of the last to leave as I was discussing homework projects with a classmate.

I made it to the bus stop in time for the next bus. It was located next to a hilly area covered with green lawn and shady trees. The bus was a few minutes late. I was surprised it was not the usual school bus, it was an older, ’50s style articulated bus. Only a few us students were on board. The driver was a lady. I found it amazing how this big and long bus was able to navigate on a narrow, steep winding downhill road with very tight turns.

7.11.10 Body Swap

I was at school where I just entered a class. The class seem like it was a class on the history of pop culture. The professor, a lady, was about to hand out a short 10-question quiz, the answers were to be written on a form that was provided. I was concerned that I hadn’t prepared for this quiz.

After school, 2 other guy classmates and I wandered off campus, looking for some place to grab a bite.  One of them had this little gizmo device that the operator could use to swap bodies with someone else. He swapped with me. It was a weird feeling being in someone else’s body while looking at my own from a distance. He said he just wanted to try being someone else for a change. The three of us crossed this wide busy boulevard, trying to outrun traffic. It seemed like it was mid afternoon. We went to a taco stand place near the boulevard and ate in the covered patio where there was no one else but us.

7.5.10 Tour Bus Accident

I was on a crowded tour bus returning from a one-day or weekend trip to a tourist attracti0n in another town. I was sitting a few rows behind the driver. There were all types of people on the bus – families with kids , singles, teens, senior people. Arriving back in the city where the tour group was staying, which was  a glitzy flashy-neon sign hilly city that was like a cross between Vegas and San Francisco, the bus was making a sharp uphill right turn. As it was doing so it fell over. Amazingly, there was no major damage and no injuries. It was near dusk. We waited a long time for heavy equipment to arrive to put it back on its wheels. Finally we were on our way. It was now night time.

We arrived at our hotel which was located in a busy downtown area. Arriving back late and behind schedule, I was concerned that we’d miss our appointed time for our evening activity that included dinner. To enter the building, we lined up single file and descended down this narrow ventilation chute, legs first, at an angle of about 25-30 degrees. The shaft was small and we had to squeeze our bodies and squirm like snakes to move along. The shaft was partitioned with these one-way trap doors that were progressively getting smaller.

I was in a department store with a few classmates that was also the main floor lobby to a dormitory. It looked like a Sears or Circuit City. I walked along the main isle and on my left, there was a small lounge area, like a living room. A few students were sitting there. From the indentations on the carpet, I noticed that some furniture had been removed, perhaps to furnish the dorms.

I was somewhere else on campus where the buildings were made of wood and were very old. It was mostly single story. It was night time. I was about to work as a TA for this computer graphics class in this classroom equipped with modern Mac computers. There were students in the class, and the teacher was a young slender lady with dark short blonde hair. There were no desks, only tables. There were small windows lining the wall just below the ceiling. It looked like the class was originally an art classroom.