7.12.10 Math Class

I was living in a mountainous area with lots of tall trees like Northern Cal or the Pac NW. I was on a crowded train or trolley on the way to school during the midmorning rush. I saw on board a blonde girl I liked when I was in jr high school. She was standing near the door and got off before I did. She was with a tall skinny dude.

The campus was located on hilly terrain. It was a warm summer-like day. I was rushing to make it to a class. It was a math class, in an old building with a high ceiling. I sat near the back in a center row. Most of the other students in this class were former classmates from other classes I had.  It was a good feeling to know I had some friends already. The teacher was a lady. When class was done, I was one of the last to leave as I was discussing homework projects with a classmate.

I made it to the bus stop in time for the next bus. It was located next to a hilly area covered with green lawn and shady trees. The bus was a few minutes late. I was surprised it was not the usual school bus, it was an older, ’50s style articulated bus. Only a few us students were on board. The driver was a lady. I found it amazing how this big and long bus was able to navigate on a narrow, steep winding downhill road with very tight turns.


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