7.22.10 Pippi Longstocking

I was living in Reno and had moved into an single room apt on the fourth floor of an apt building in downtown Reno. The building was shape like a square box and I think it was made of brick. I looked out the window that was facing the southwest and saw a wild fast-moving river down below. It looked like there was a flood going on.

I was on a weekend trip during the school year and on the way back home, I stopped at a big hilly city like San Francisco to visit a family friend who had a house in a residential part of the town. The house seemed like a track house and was very old, may be like 1950ish era. Almost all of the houses in the neighborhood were painted white which made it look very homogeneous and generic. One of the members of this household was a girl who was attending a community college.  She was a petite blonde and looked athletic. She came across to me looking like an older version of Pippi Longstocking – outgoing, adventurous, carefree, but had long blonde hair instead of red.

There were other people in the house, most likely family or relatives. I stayed overnight. There weren’t enough bedrooms so I slept in a sleeping bag in the living room floor, near the kitchen that was near the front door. The girl also joined me in the living room, crashing in her own sleeping. There were a few others sleeping in the living room. She seemed to really like me, and I liked her too. I was thinking she could be gf material. I was about to ask her if she’d like to take a walk around the neighborhood with me. I had a feeling that we would be holding hands.

The next morning we went window shopping at one of the retail strips in town. It looked like downtown Berkeley or Chinatown but was much cleaner and had different types of ethnic shops. It seem like a Sunday morning and the street was very busy and crowded with lots of pedestrians. The sun was directly overhead so it was around midday. I waited alongside a curb next to newspaper dispensers while she was shopping in one of the small boutiques. A man asked me to move because one of the stores was about to place some boxes near the curb.


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