3.27.11 Touristy City Visit

I was in a large group of relatives and family friends visiting the Chinatown section of a major city. The streets were hilly.  We all went to eat a midday lunch break at a favorite and popular Chinese  restaurant, which was in an old part of town. The restaurant bldg itself was very old and dated and needed updating. When we arrived the restaurant was very crowded and there was no place to seat our big group. They ended up placing us at a long single table in the downstairs basement, below the kitchen and main dining room. Our table was the only one there. The lighting was dim and the room was poorly lit with mostly incandescent light bulbs and few fluorescent lights. Restaurant supplies were stored and pushed against the walls. We could hear all the restaurant activity upstairs through the ceiling.

With a group of friends I visited a touristy famous city like Hollywood. The city was located on a hillside. I took a detour from the group and explored the main strip which had small shops selling all sorts of tourist things. I walked up hill a block or two and came to a semi residential area with many old, wood and stucco 2 or 3-story houses. There were parking meters. It was about midday. I seem to recognize some of the bldgs as being Hollywood landmarks, others looked like they were remodeled and converted into businesses/apartments. I continued to walk along a sidewalk above the main strip. There weren’t many pedestrians. There was a dark color van parked along side the curb ahead with some people inside. Its big door was open. They started to get my attention and attempted to sell me some stuff. They were a group of traveling vendors, I thought. I ignored them and turned around, going back to join the group.


3.20.11 Snowboarding Trip Lake Tah North Shore

On a three-day weekend or one-week vacation like spring break I went on a snowboarding trip to an alpine setting like Lake Tahoe, somewhere around north shore. I went with a couple of friends, then we were to met met up a another group of friends living there, who worked at ski resorts or related businesses. After driving on a mountainous  highway we arrived in a small town and then at the house where several of our friends were living. We were to pick them up then go snowboarding at the nearby resort. It was around late morning/midday, and it was sunny.

The friends at this house were all roommates. There were about 3 – 5 people living in the house, which was surrounded by tall trees like pine trees. One of the roommates there was a girl with short hazel colored hair, who reminded me of someone like Marian, the Mt Rose chick. We talked a little and I followed her around the house, then we entered a large master bedroom that was connected by a door to an adjoining house. She entered the door to see if anyone was in the other house. I was anxious to leave to go boarding but everyone else didn’t seem anxious to go. One of the roommate wanted to prepare and eat lunch before boarding and the others in my group decided to join in. I got mad and left for the resort myself.

I arrived at the resort and it was starting to get cloudy as dark gray clouds started covering the sky. The resort seemed like Northstar but I don’t recognize it; it was a place I never been to before. I went to the main office located on the first floor of a two story bldg to ask for directions to the rental shop. The rental shop was upstairs. I went in and ask for my board. For some reason my snow gear was stored in the rental shop.

3.16.11 Beach Dormitory

I was living in an apt-style dormitory at a beachfront. I had 2 or 3 roommates. The front door opened to an indoor hallway, and at the other end a glass sliding door opened to a patio, with stairs going to the beach below.  Everyone in the bldg were students at a large university, most of whom were in the film dept. In the living room near the front door, four of us were talking about schoolwork. We were sitting on the floor. There also seem to be a spa in the living room.  A mysterious small silver colored ball appeared out of thin air and hovered around the spa, flying slowly as if looking for something. It was less than an inch in diameter. Two in our group left, but a girl and I stayed. I laid down on the floor flat as if trying to avoid detection, then the girl laid next to me, writhing like a snake, her head resting on my left arm. She was skinny, had long curly hazel colored hair and was wearing a maroon or plum colored tank top.

Alex came by my apt with a group of other students who were all part of a movie project we were working on.  The roommates in my apt were also part of the group, including myself. He called for a meeting of everyone. We went into the patio and sat in the outdoor furniture. It was bright and sunny, around midday. Someone was in a wheelchair, who I was asked to assist.

3.5.11 Swifty

I was on a train traveling north along the California coastline approaching Oregon. The landscape was very rugged and mountainous, and the train path it took was very winding and hilly. The train was traveling rather fast, so the scenery past by quickly. The train was short, maybe about 4 or 5 cars. It wasn’t attached to any tracks; it seems it was ‘floating’ above the ground. As I looked out the right side window, I saw lots of tall peaks, concrete structures like dams, bridges or buildings, beaches, harbors, little villages, bays. The weather seemed partially cloudy. One sight I saw that caught my attention because it was strange were these people dressed in black robes with hoods wading in a tidepool as if they were walking across it to get to something.

I was on my way to a class at a community college or university campus, not sure which. The class seem like a cross between mathematics and social studies or English or American studies. It was test day. I was concerned because I didn’t feel I was fully prepared. The teacher was a lady. The test was an in-class essay on the subject of the differences between men and women’s behavior as it pertains to recycling of everyday household items. I wrote my response on a piece of folded scratch paper. I argued that women were more likely to recycle than men, because they were more concerned about the environment.

Near the end of class I went to sit at the first row at the front of the class, the seating was more like bench-style seating. Swifty came over and sat next to me on my right. After a short period he spoke to me, saying that he had read many scripts and felt mine was one of the best and wanted to go ahead to work with me on it. I was no doubt very surprised to see him, that he would talk to me, know who I am, to finally met him in person, that he would pick my script and was willing to participate in my project. But I was relieved nonetheless. I said sure, that would be awesome, but I wasn’t planning to work on it right now and that certain issues needed to be resolved before production, mainly locations and finding a director and a cinematographer. He said he’ll try to help me out on that. We continued to talk for a little after class in an indoor common area that resembled a library/lounge/museum, with items mostly from European history on display. He went off to join a couple of his friends, then a girl driving a limo came and picked him up in a crowded quad on campus. There were lots of other students surrounding the limo and trying to get his attention, as if he was already a movie star. He seemed really cool I guess that’s why he’s so popular.