7.11.10 Body Swap

I was at school where I just entered a class. The class seem like it was a class on the history of pop culture. The professor, a lady, was about to hand out a short 10-question quiz, the answers were to be written on a form that was provided. I was concerned that I hadn’t prepared for this quiz.

After school, 2 other guy classmates and I wandered off campus, looking for some place to grab a bite.  One of them had this little gizmo device that the operator could use to swap bodies with someone else. He swapped with me. It was a weird feeling being in someone else’s body while looking at my own from a distance. He said he just wanted to try being someone else for a change. The three of us crossed this wide busy boulevard, trying to outrun traffic. It seemed like it was mid afternoon. We went to a taco stand place near the boulevard and ate in the covered patio where there was no one else but us.


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