7.5.10 Tour Bus Accident

I was on a crowded tour bus returning from a one-day or weekend trip to a tourist attracti0n in another town. I was sitting a few rows behind the driver. There were all types of people on the bus – families with kids , singles, teens, senior people. Arriving back in the city where the tour group was staying, which was  a glitzy flashy-neon sign hilly city that was like a cross between Vegas and San Francisco, the bus was making a sharp uphill right turn. As it was doing so it fell over. Amazingly, there was no major damage and no injuries. It was near dusk. We waited a long time for heavy equipment to arrive to put it back on its wheels. Finally we were on our way. It was now night time.

We arrived at our hotel which was located in a busy downtown area. Arriving back late and behind schedule, I was concerned that we’d miss our appointed time for our evening activity that included dinner. To enter the building, we lined up single file and descended down this narrow ventilation chute, legs first, at an angle of about 25-30 degrees. The shaft was small and we had to squeeze our bodies and squirm like snakes to move along. The shaft was partitioned with these one-way trap doors that were progressively getting smaller.

I was in a department store with a few classmates that was also the main floor lobby to a dormitory. It looked like a Sears or Circuit City. I walked along the main isle and on my left, there was a small lounge area, like a living room. A few students were sitting there. From the indentations on the carpet, I noticed that some furniture had been removed, perhaps to furnish the dorms.

I was somewhere else on campus where the buildings were made of wood and were very old. It was mostly single story. It was night time. I was about to work as a TA for this computer graphics class in this classroom equipped with modern Mac computers. There were students in the class, and the teacher was a young slender lady with dark short blonde hair. There were no desks, only tables. There were small windows lining the wall just below the ceiling. It looked like the class was originally an art classroom.


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