6.10.10 Snowboard Trip to the Pacific Northwest

Yvette and I were on a snowboard trip to a resort somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. Driving through a town at the base of the mountain we were stopped by a lady cop, who detained us and told us (for some strange reason) that wearing tinted eyewear in this state (I think it was WA) was illegal. We were brought to a public area that seemed like an airport terminal or a shopping mall. We were waiting and standing outside as the cop watched us. Yvette decided to run off and quickly disappeared into the maze work of corridors, walkways and escalators. The cop chased after her but wasn’t able to find her. I was left to continue the rest of the trip on my own.

The cop released me with the condition that I get some replacement eye wear that was permitted in this state and sent me to a nearby drugstore but I didn’t go. Instead I went to a department store, like Sears, and looked for the electronics department that was on the ground floor next to a parking garage. I was looking for some kind of automatic lens cover for my new camera. A salesman helped me looked for one but they didn’t have what I was looking for.

I arrived at the resort and it was busy.  I boarded a tram that was made of wood and was about the size of a regular classroom. It seemed so flimsy that it felt like it was going to come apart at any moment. The tram was operated by one guy inside and people sat at picnic-style tables as the tram traveled.

I was at someone’s house for an Asian holiday celebration, like Chinese New Years. The house resembled a condo or large hotel room as there was a hallway outside the front door but it was only one level. Many people were there including relatives and family friends. The place was crowded and there was lots of commotion. Near the glass patio door there was a big gas burner, like the type for camping but much bigger and more powerful and when it was fired up it resembled more like a blast furnace than a decoration. I was concerned that the big fire was too dangerous to be indoors. In the kitchen a variety of Asian foods were being prepared, including steamed bread, dumplings and spring rolls.

I went to the toy department of a large warehouse type store that was a combination of a department store/home improvement store. I was located in the far corner of the store. I was looking for a plastic model replica kit, the type that’s boxed and you bring home and assemble together. I was looking to get a new one to replace one I already had. I was deciding between getting a spaceship, military vehicle, or some aircraft. There weren’t many people there as it was near closing time.