7.18.11Boutique Gift Store

I went to work at a small boutique store that sold souvenirs/gifts, located in a touristy part of town (in or near a major attraction). It was my first day. The manager was a nerdy-looking guy with short blond curly hair and glasses. There were two coworkers who showed me around and what to do. One was a rocker/metalhead type and the other was a skater. Both wore dark colored skinny jeans. The shop was long and narrow, with one counter and a long wall display of shelves and racks. The store was located in an outdoor mall with the front door going directly to the outside that sort of looked like SanFran or Hollywood blvd.

The owner owned two other business also located in the mall, a larger clothing store and a casual family restaurant. Occasionally, employees would be rotated between these businesses. The mall consisted mostly of a single elongated building, with entrances around the perimeter of the building. The businesses were all connected to a central access way or corridor that ran along the middle of the bulding, and which the public had access to. I went over to the restaurant on the other side of the building to see what it was like. It looked like a combination of a 50’s diner and a modern day bar and grill type place. I went outside the main entrance doors and took a peek at the name of the restaurant. There was a neon sign above the entrance. One of the words I saw on the sign read something like “Wallam.” The outsides of the mall were very different. The boutique store side looked more urban, while the restaurant side looked more suburban.

I had just arrived back from a school field trip with classmates. I was in a country like setting with rolling hills and lots of farmland. Some of us classmates were wandering around, perhaps waiting for the school day to end or for the next class, or a continuation of the trip. I went to explore some of the farmland to see what was growing. It was mostly vines and vegetables.

I opened the door of my apt one afternoon and was surprised to see a pile of parcel-size boxes in the middle of the hallway. A delivery driver guy was walking around dropping off the pkgs to the neighboring individual apts on my floor.  There were two small boxes outside my door. I was surprised bc I wasn’t expecting anything. Both boxes were opened. A strange man walked by, entered my apt, looked around, then quickly left, not answering my question of what he was doing.


7.10.11 Dorm Living

I was living in a campus dormitory, on the first floor. It seemed like I was a new resident. During an evening, I visited Simon living next door. His roommate was a snowboarder chick, who was looking for some snowboarding boots. I happen to have an extra pair laying around which was Mikey’s, which he didn’t need anymore, so I brought it to her to see if she could use them. She and I both took a boot and fixed the lacing.

Dan was my roommate. We lived in a 2-bdrm unit. It was very messy. It seemed like we had just moved in. A bunch of our stuff was scattered all over the place. We were both in the process of organizing. The front door was open but the screen door was locked. Outside there was an enclosed breezeway that led to the outside of the building. There were two nosy mischievous little kids outside that were trying to get our attention. I let them in and showed them around. It seemed like they wanted a certain item, some kind of toy. After they left I continued to unpack/organize stuff in my room. Dan was busy sharpening a bunch of pencils. I found some coins and small pieces of hardware hidden in a secret pocket built into the bed frame.