7.17.10 School Bake Sale

I went on a trip to Reno with a family member. It was during the warm summer months. We were on a hiking trail towards the west end of town, at the foothills, which started in a meadow of big oak trees. The trail seemed to be located on a dry creek bed. The trail was rocky and there were vegetation on both sides. On the right there was a wooden fence. As we went along on the trail, it got narrower and steeper, until it was practically vertical straight up, and we had to use the wooden fence as a handrail to climb up. I thought it would be scary to climb back down during the return trip.

I was at school, in an empty auditorium with a few classmates. At one end the auditorium opened up to what appears to be a large swimming pool in a resort/hotel type setting. We were talking in a circle. Shaun was wearing some old shoes and I let him try on one of my slip-ons from my right foot, which seems to fit him.

I went to a large lecture classroom, presumably where one of my classes took place. There was no one there, but I hanged around a little bit then left wearing another guy’s blue denim jeans for some reason. I left mine there, and as I was walking down the hall I was thinking who would be wearing my pants and about the homework I needed to do for an upcoming class.

There was a big bake sale taking place in the basement of the library. The entire hallway was lined with tables that had all sorts of different types of bread loaves on them. They looked like they were homemade and were each wrapped in plastic bags. There was no one around which was surprising, except for one or two maintainence/custodial guys, one of which was pushing around a cart with boxes on it. I peeked in some of the classrooms and it looked like they were decorated for a special event or banquet. There was also no one in these rooms. Near the TV broadcast studio, I grabbed a couple of bread slices off a table that were individually wrapped in small plastic bags, like Asian bakeries. I examined them and they were sliced and had something like blueberries mixed in. A pair of office ladies approached and they also grabbed a few bags of bread.

Before I left the basement I went in the mens room which was small and cramped. After I entered, a dark complexion hispanic guy came in, with an electric guitar around his shoulders. He set it on the counter by the sink.


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