1.7.10 Trip to Casino Town

I went on a snowboard/sightseeing trip to a big casino gambling town located near a mountain range and a desert region, similar to central Oregon. The town was very metropolitan, busy, touristy, and glitzy, like Vegas.  I walked along one of the main streets, exploring the city, while carrying a plastic bag of souvenirs and dry food. Most of the buildings were old and vintage, and close together, like in San Francisco.

I seem to be part of a large tour group. We stayed at a huge hotel whose lobby and first floor resembled an indoor mall, lined with all sorts of shops and restaurants. After eating a heavy buffet breakfast, we were ready to leave the city. We traveled by air. The hotel was connected to the airport terminal, which made things very convenient. An escalator transports guests between the hotel and the terminal.

Just before departure, I realized that I had misplaced that plastic bag of souvenirs. I told the host/tour guide/steward that I had lost it and that I want to go look for it. They said I’ll have to forget it because we’re ready to depart. I was very disappointed. I still had with me 3 luggages:  backpack, duffle bag and snowboard bag. I entered the aircraft. It was super wide body and had several floors, like a cruise ship. I was directed to go to the main deck. There were a few windows but they were very big, from waist level to the ceiling. Seating was like a college classroom: all tables.  Passengers sat around the tables, facing each other, like a classroom setting. They were all classmates. I was one of the last to board so there weren’t many seats open, but eventually I did find one.  As the plane started to roll away from the terminal, the windows became tinted until there were solid black and you couldn’t see through them.


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