1.1.10 First Floor Apt

Shaun and I were roommates in a 2bdrm apt on the first floor. Our backyard patio opened up to a field of grass, weeds and trees. There was a lot of wildlife in this field that we could see; birds, lizards and furry four-legged creatures. The patio was covered and shaded and surrounded by a few pine trees.  Pine needles and pinecones covered the patio, and I was about to sweep it but never got around to doing it.  The patio was outside the living room, separated by a large glass sliding door. When I looked out the glass door I saw a little kitten curled up sleeping near the edge of the patio.

We got back from some kind of outing to a distant city, like a snowboarding trip or to visit a city that included an outdoor hike and a visit to a mall-like place.  He left the apt and I did some house cleaning, like washing dishes and organizing the house. He came back with a friend and asked what did I do while he was out. All of us were planning to go out to do something.


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