1.5.10 Field Trip to Water Park

I was at some kind of water park/amusement park with a group of classmates, on some field trip. There were a variety of swimming pools, slides, waterfalls, climbing obstacles, all sorts of fun stuff to play on. It was crowded. It was mid to late spring. The park was rather small and it was enclosed by a wooden fence. Most of the structures, ladders, and architecture were made of wood and tiki materials. I was climbing up and down ladders and going from pool to pool trying to outrun a girl classmate who was chasing me in a game of tag. A multilevel parking structure was connected to this park.

I left the park to see what was outside around the park. The park was located in the middle of a city. The streets were on hilly terrain, but not as high as like in San Francisco. Traffic was moderate. There were alot of small boutique shops, mostly vintage/antique shops, that lined the streets which had metered parallel parking.

I went to a big breakfast party of family and relatives at someone’s house. There were alot of people and alot of commotion was going on, especially in the kitchen and dining room. It seemed like the house was a suburban track house. A regular breakfast of ham/sausage and eggs were being cooked and served. It felt like I had just returned from a long trip.

The downstairs neighbor in the 2 story apt complex I lived in was one of the classmates from my interactive media class (the photocomm major guy) who lived by himself. We just got back from campus at about the same time but seperately. As soon as he got in I heard loud music coming from his apt. I went to the bathroom and placed my ear against the air vent on the wall that was connected to the bathroom in his apt so I could hear what group it was. I could now clearly hear who the artist was: it was a female pop singer. The weather was warm and sunny. It seemed like it was late spring, near the end of the semester.


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