1.18.10 End of Semester in Bookstore

I was at a party at a classmate’s house. There were lots of people there. It was a big house that could accommodate a large social gathering. In a family room, a girl lounging on a couch made a comment about my looks as a I was walking by. She seemed drunk. The comment wasn’t too favorable. She had freckles, a round face and long brown hair.

I was at school preparing for the end of semester final exams. I was in a big textbook storage area like a bookstore or a library, helping to process and pack up books for storage for the next semester. It seemed like it was part of a class assignment. There were faculty and bookstore staff coordinating and directing the process. There were also many other students scrambling around. There were lots of commotion and we were in a big rush to beat a deadline. Students were happy that school was over and talked about partying and going on vacations. We were anxious and looking forward to getting the task done.

I had just moved into a new apartment in my apt complex. It was on the first floor closer to the front office. Boxes and furniture were scattered and piled all over the place. One of the maintenance staff came over to repair something mechanical. While he was over I looked out the dining room window into the courtyard.


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