1.13.10 Geography Class in a Science classroom

I was in a corridor inside a school building on a high school or community college type campus. The hall was crowded with students going to and from classes, like it was the class change break. I was making my way to a class at the end of the hall. I was a few minutes late, I saw the teacher already closing the door.  The teacher was the professor from the advance video production class. The classroom was small, and was setup to be a science lab type class with seating at tables and all the usual scientific equipment. My seat assignment was near the back corner. As soon as I sat down I looked around at the other students and wondered what was going on. I was handed a map of Canada and was told to use our world atlas and fill in the names of the states. But the map I was handed already had the names filled in by another student. Someone grabbed it from me and gave me a blank map.

I was at a harbor boarding a cruise ship getting ready to leave on a cruise. I was traveling with a few other persons. I entered the lobby area on the main deck and was amazed how big and cavernous the lobby was. It was like a big ballroom, or convention meeting hall. As soon as I checked in I went back outside to look around. I noticed that the ship was smaller than the average modern cruise ship. There was a row of warehouses on one side. On the other side another cruise ship was parked. It was bigger and longer, but it was not in service. I walked up to a hill near the bow of the ship. From there I was able to see the ships and the harbor. Beyond the harbor was a bay, and across the bay I could see more piers and factory/warehouse buildings. The weather was cloudy and very windy, as if a big storm was approaching.

I was in a hotel room, or someone’s apartment, with 3 other classmates. Seems like we were on a weekend field trip. I was lying down on the bed. One of the other guys was lying down on my legs. We were waiting for the girl in our group to get ready as were about to leave to go somewhere.


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