1.4.10 High School Group

I was living in a large luxurious custom built house in a residential neighborhood that was on the side of a hill in a semi-tropical environment of lots of bushes, green plants and tropical trees, like Florida or the Caribbean. There was a large body of water nearby, and a coastline with beaches, but it was hardly visible because of the tall trees. I visited a neighbor’s house owned by an older couple. The house was big but had a very small kitchen. There were 2 giant gas stoves and 2 big stock pots on them, one was used for cooking or steaming and the other was used for boiling water. I wondered what they were cooking that required so much hot water.

I was riding a bike with some friends in the lower part of the hillside. The street we were on ended at an upscale gated community. Tall banana trees and bamboo plants lined both sides of the street which reflected the area’s tropical feel.  The gate was open but we decided to go somewhere else.

I was in the cafeteria or student center area at my school (a college) and there was a small group of kids from the local high school in a teacher’s office recruiting people to join their high school band, or some kind of performing act. I decided to check it out. I went with them back to their high school in an old rusty van that was ready to break down, with one of them driving. There were no seats but it had cargo racks on the roof. They were a bunch of fun, energetic, outgoing partier type of kids. En route I asked them why can’t they find people at their own school rather than having to come to my school to get people. They said too many people at their school were ‘sick’. I suggested that we should make plans to go on a snowboarding trip in this van. Someone told me that their wasn’t enough interest at their school to make such a trip.

When we arrived we pulled up to the auto shop section of their campus that was arranged in a semicircle. Students were busily working inside the garages and most were not interrupted by our arrival. The group of kids I came with got out and we went inside an office and started looking for some kind of gear.


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