6.18.11 Rosa

I was on a school field trip to some kind of campus or compound high in the mountains. An entire class was on this trip. We were given a tour. Inside some of the bldgs it looked like a factory or mfg facility.  It was a bright warm sunny day. In a waiting room I asked Matt R where he got his Hawaiian style short sleeve shirt. He said from a little place at the “corner of Delaware and Blaine.” Just before we departed, I went to use to the restroom which was well-lighted from the several big windows. No one else was there.

At roughly the same location, we were at a restaurant or club/bar that was very busy. There was a special daytime event going on where we were required to attend. It was daytime, about mid afternoon. The weather was very warm, like mid summer. The club had an old west style decor on the outside and was located atop a hill in a mountainous area, and had a saloon style entrance. Lots of students were entering and leaving through the main entrance. There was a guy standing at the entrance, making sure that everyone had a valid admission or was associated with the field trip. He was either a guard or a bouncer, but was a student also who was assigned this task. He was about 5-10 in height, had brown hair, and had a very athletic fit tanned body. He looked like an athlete. He wore a tight fitting muscle tee and super short shorts that showed part of his butt. Almost look like something from the 80’s. Rosa came by, looked at his rear, commented how hot his butt was, and jokingly but boldly asked if he wanted to have sex. I laughed, then she left.

I stepped outside the club. I went to the covered front veranda that was made of wood planks. Lots of ppl were either leaving/entering or hanging outside the bldg on this hot day. Another dude, about 5-6 and green eyes, dark hair, wearing a black tank top, came out of the crowd and approached me, extending his hand and touching the right side of my face.

I was in a creative subject/art class on the day we were to take a short quiz. The teacher was a young lady with blonde hair. The quiz was a written test with 5 questions. The first was a complex algebraic math problem. Question #5 was to define the word “staurch” (or something like that). Cristina was in this class, who sat behind me. She was complaining about the quiz to someone sitting nearby.

I was living in the downtown section of a major city. I had parked curbside on a major boulevard near the top of a hill. I was going to class with a girl like Michelle. To get to campus we had to cross a section of downtown. We started out walking at first, then decided to ride the city bus. There were many buses going along the blvd. The route number we needed to take was #830, but it never came. There were many tall bldgs everywhere and freeways were suspended above, creating a sort of canopy above the street level, keeping pedestrians and street traffic in perpetual shade. Some of the tall bldgs seemed like hotel casinos with their flashing neon lights and signs. Parts of the blvd were run down with old decrepit concrete bldgs and overgrown weeds and homeless ppl hanging around. There was some major construction going on in the street, as if the city was putting in a new transit system, like a trolley or train. Busses passed through narrow tunnels, main traffic on other parts of the street.

Michelle and I continued walking towards campus and looked out for our bus number but it never came. We decided to split up; she continued on to school while I returned to where I had parked to see if I can park closer to campus. After passing by a construction area, an old man approached me and wanted me to check out some artwork inside this museum. I went to the glass door but it was locked as the museum was closed. I continued walking uphill and entered a narrow tunnel made mostly of scaffolding and plastic sheeting.  The ground was covered with thick wooden planks. This was the passageway for buses, but there were also no walkways for pedestrians so they had use the narrow tunnel too. Halfway through a bus was coming from the opposite direction so I had to squeeze myself into the plastic to make room for it. Luckily I found a small opening in the plastic.

Further on I approached another construction area. To pass through I had to walk along wooden planks. There were many levels of scaffolding above. There didn’t seem to be anyone around. I looked below. In between the planks I saw pools of muddy water.


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