6.23.11 Mountain Top Shopping Mall

I was at school and immediately next door is a large zoo where I and many other students worked. The area was hilly with lots of dry grass and brush, similar to the area around the wild animal park. I boarded an employee shuttle bus that was going from the school to the zoo with Brianne and one other guy. On the short trip I asked Brianne if she wanted to go snowboarding with me to a resort on the east coast. She thought about it but decided to decline, saying she had some other plans. We got off the bus and separated, going towards our different departments within the zoo.

I walked through an area of the zoo that was covered in a net-like canopy like a bird aviary. It was midday and there many guests and little kids walking around. Several of these aviaries were connected together with door ways. Small cages containing various birds and rodents were stacked along the sides and in the center. Inside one cage on the ground was a big pigeon-like bird the size of a pelican.

In a snowy wintery mountainous area, a friend and I just got off work or school. We were walking through this suburban-like neighborhood located on a rolling hills landscape. There was a mix of big high end homes and old small cottages. There were no sidewalks, and snow covered most of the yards except parts of the street. The streets had lots of potholes and patchwork. The area looked rural except that the houses were rather close together. At an intersection, the friend and I went to the frontyard of a corner property and dug in the snow and started throwing snowballs around. We were having lots of fun, playing in the snow. The house on the property was white color and single level. From one of the bedroom windows, someone inside looked at us then close the blinds. I looked at the friend and we decided to split up, going off in our seperate directions.

I was working at a food court at a shopping mall located at the summit of a mountain, surrounded by a mountain range. It was a touristy place, like  a resort. I was assigned to the kitchen of a pizza restaurant, then to a quick service pizza counter. All the coworkers were classmates. When it wasn’t busy I wandered around the main floor near the food court area. The dry food storage area in the back was messy and there were things scattered around the floor. A few cooks were making pizza. In the dining floor, there were areas for banquets, parties or special events. Most of the food counters/restaurants were connected to one big main kitchen. At the end of the work day I went outside to the parking lot, perhaps to wait for a ride home. The air was clean and refreshing. The sun was low in the horizon.


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