5.22.11 Weekend Trip to Las Vegas

I was in a science class, seems like it was some sort of biology class. There were black-top tables set up around the classroom, and about 6 0r 8 students were assigned to each table. There were racks in the center of the tables, with shelves containing all kinds of stuff on them, including live plants. We were assigned into small groups of 2 or 3. Geoff was a classmate in this class. Our teacher was  a young lady, with wavy long dark brown hair. She asked everyone some questions, then she asked Geoff about his educational history. She seemed to be attracted to Geoff. Then they opened a plastic container and started popping pills together.

I was in another classroom that was crowded with lots of students and there were lots of commotion going on. It seem like some sort of art class. Each student was assigned a workstation at a large long table with wooden panel separators. To my right was a girl who kept a messy work area. The class was warned that there is going to be an inspection by a high level person very shortly, so I cleaned up my stuff and threw some things away. I told the girl to clean up her work area and she said she’d do it later. There were some dried flowers with stalks at her area. The person inspecting was a well-dressed older lady, accompanied by several teachers.

After the inspection, a group of classmates were preparing to go on a weekend trip to Vegas, put together by a tour group that specializes in college trips. They were very excited, and some of them encouraged me to go with them. I said this last minute notice didn’t give me enough time to plan and prepare, but then I finally agreed. Class was done and everyone dispersed from the classroom. I went outside onto a parking lot, where there were lots of people busily walking around, as if looking for things or frantically preparing for something. The surrounding looked like a hillside with lots of tall trees and open fields. I approached a man walking away from the school, walking uphill on one of the driveways. I ask him the details about the trip and what I need to do if I wanted to go.

He said motor coaches will pick them up and leave at 5am tomorrow morning, at a motel near the “Continental’, at the corner of Boris and Utay streets, which is a few miles from here. He pointed out the direction. I said so I should be there before 5am if I wanted to go on the trip. I quickly returned to the school grounds.


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