5.22.11 Weekend Trip to Las Vegas

I was in a science class, seems like it was some sort of biology class. There were black-top tables set up around the classroom, and about 6 0r 8 students were assigned to each table. There were racks in the center of the tables, with shelves containing all kinds of stuff on them, including live plants. We were assigned into small groups of 2 or 3. Geoff was a classmate in this class. Our teacher was  a young lady, with wavy long dark brown hair. She asked everyone some questions, then she asked Geoff about his educational history. She seemed to be attracted to Geoff. Then they opened a plastic container and started popping pills together.

I was in another classroom that was crowded with lots of students and there were lots of commotion going on. It seem like some sort of art class. Each student was assigned a workstation at a large long table with wooden panel separators. To my right was a girl who kept a messy work area. The class was warned that there is going to be an inspection by a high level person very shortly, so I cleaned up my stuff and threw some things away. I told the girl to clean up her work area and she said she’d do it later. There were some dried flowers with stalks at her area. The person inspecting was a well-dressed older lady, accompanied by several teachers.

After the inspection, a group of classmates were preparing to go on a weekend trip to Vegas, put together by a tour group that specializes in college trips. They were very excited, and some of them encouraged me to go with them. I said this last minute notice didn’t give me enough time to plan and prepare, but then I finally agreed. Class was done and everyone dispersed from the classroom. I went outside onto a parking lot, where there were lots of people busily walking around, as if looking for things or frantically preparing for something. The surrounding looked like a hillside with lots of tall trees and open fields. I approached a man walking away from the school, walking uphill on one of the driveways. I ask him the details about the trip and what I need to do if I wanted to go.

He said motor coaches will pick them up and leave at 5am tomorrow morning, at a motel near the “Continental’, at the corner of Boris and Utay streets, which is a few miles from here. He pointed out the direction. I said so I should be there before 5am if I wanted to go on the trip. I quickly returned to the school grounds.

5.20.11 First Day Multimedia Class

A friend and I drove to a faraway town located high atop some snowy icy mountain, surrounded by alpine scenery and lots of tall pine trees, to take part in some kind of snow activity. We parked along a curb near the top of a hill. The streets were all hilly, and there were snow and ice everywhere. I was concerned if we had parked in a safe legal spot. We also visited another friend and helped that person move to another place in town.

I was at school on the first day of the semester. One class I went to was a multimedia class or some sort of Web technology class. The teacher was the same lady from the Web class I took this past spring.  The classroom was square, was raised about a foot and a half off the ground, and the door, at the front of the classroom, went directly to the outside, so I think the classroom might be a portable temporary  structure. It was a lecture only classroom, there were no computers, just rows of individual desks and chairs. I arrived a little late but found an open spot at the far end of the first row.  I was concerned that there weren’t going to be enough seating for a few students, but after shuffling around seats and desks there was space for everyone. Most in the class were nerdy gamer type guys but there were a few girls present. The class was very loud and rowdy, as if it was right after lunch. There was horseplay and some were throwing stuff around. The teacher had to spend a little time and effort to quiet everyone down.

A slender and petite girl walked in and came up to me and we talked a little, but before I knew it she kissed me a few times. She was very bold to do this right in front of everyone in the class but no one seemed to care or notice. I knew she had a reputation of being cheap and slutty, and I didn’t really go for that type; it seemed like a superficial relationship. She had long straight hazel color hair and was very cute, and kind of reminds me of Crystal, the hostess from OC. She said she’ll be waiting for me outside and then exited the class where the front door was left open.

5.10.11 Upstairs Apartment

I was living in a 2bdrm upstairs apt with 1 or 2 other roommates. The apartment was a little old, like the apartment I had with Tara. One afternoon a friend came back with me to the apt. He offered to give me a haircut. He was tall, slender, had long brown hair, a skater/surfer type, and seemed intelligent and knowledgeable. He was using an electric razor and he cut it too short than what I had liked and I was disappointed. It was like a crew cut style.

I was in a busy part of town in front of a school – either high school or a community college – and was assigned the task of maintaining or cleaning up the sidewalk between the campus property and the main street. It was also a bus loading/unloading area for the school. While I was working, a bus unloaded some students. A trio of girls came up to me and started talking about homework projects. One of the girls had an interest in me. She said she hoped to see me again and wanted to “get to know me more in the future.” She was short and somewhat plump.

Later on I went to this big auditorium and saw several friends there. I asked one of them about the girl who wanted to get to know me more. He said she was “fired” yesterday for not following directions. I was disappointed. Several of us returned to my apt. To my surprise, there were others already in the apt. Someone was crashing in my room. The haircut guy hocked a lugey into the trash container that was near the bathroom door which had some Popsicle sticks in there. I was concerned that the apt was a little too messy to have guests over. We were wondering what happened to Mikey and Matt as they suddenly disappeared. Someone brought in a newspaper. In the other room we crowded around the guy holding the newspaper. In it he read that Mikey and Matt and a third person were fed up with school and had run away.

4.25.11 New Longboard with Big Red Wheels

I went to investigate an old abandoned building in a semi rural area. It was about 4 or 5 stories high, had small windows, and thick concrete  exterior walls designed to look like stone. There were no coverings on the windows and it was black inside. It was very gloomy and silent, like a set from a horror movie. The bldg was either L or T shape. It seems I was sent to clean out the basement. I went to explore the basement, which had an entrance to the outside and was partially underground. The door wasn’t secured too well and I was able to get in. Inside it was dark, dank and dusty.  There were lots old junk piled around, mostly household stuff. I found something of interest, a short longboard in good condition, maybe about 31-34″. It had big red transparent wheels. Their size were 72 or 74mm. I was excited at this discovery and anxious to test ride it. I took it home with me. On the way I passed by an Asian lady vendor selling fresh produce at a stand on the streetside.

I was watching a stoner comedy on TV about 2 goofy guys on the run from a drug deal. They were being chased by a big time mob-like kingpin leader and his thugs. It was my first time to watch this comedy. The guys’ home was very messy and clothes and smoking paraphernalia were scattered throughout.

I went to dine at this Chinese buffet that had been converted from a family-style restaurant. It was about mid afternoon and no one was inside except for a pair of Asian women sitting at a small table. The interior was very dated but very bright, looked like it was from the 60’s and hadn’t been remodeled. There were big windows to the sunny day outside, and lots of yellow colors on the walls. Asian-style lamps hung from the ceiling. I wondered why there was no one dining here. The staff was also mysteriously absent at first, then I saw a few ladies talking in the back kitchen. One of them came out and told me to go ahead and help myself. I looked at the rather small selection of dishes and didn’t find much items of interest so I left.

4.15.11 Hiding in the Library

I was with family and relatives on a trip or vacation to some place up in the mountains. It was around late spring.  We arrived at a large ski resort and went into their rental shop to get some snow gear. The shop looked like inside a gymnasium with high ceilings, windows near the ceiling, concrete walls and athletic gear scattered about. There was hardly any guests or staff there. When we entered a guy said it was late in the season so they had limited services, staff and rental gear available. We were disappointed, and before we left, I walked around the shop, seeing what they have.

I was at a large university campus. It was very crowded and busy with students. I was with 3 skater/snowboarder type friends and we went to hide inside the library. It was very big and it was mostly single story, with large glass windows showing shaded green landscaping outside. They pulled some prank or did something mischievous and were being chased by a big fat black chick who discovered them and who was a member of the school staff. I just tagged along with them only because we were friends. By hiding and staying on the dl we manage to elude her in the many book racks. When she didn’t find us she ended the pursuit and walked out of the library. We also exited the library, blending in with other students. Then we split up.

Outside the main entrance of the library, it seemed like it was grand central station. It was like a shopping mall main level, a school campus, and a theme park with rides all combined into one place. I was going down this long breezeway/corridor adjacent to a building that resembled an airport concourse. It was crowded with students. A guy near me gave a blonde-haired girl, sitting down and leaning against the wall, a morsel of food on a large comb pick.

4.2.11 Mikey’s Snowboard

Mikey and I were roommates in a single family house in a suburban neighborhood. There were about 2 other roommates. We were all students going to the same school. We had just arrived back from a long trip and we had stored our snowboards at a friend’s house about 6 or 7 houses down the street, perhaps for safekeeping.  We went to this house first to retrieve our gear before going home. Mikey also kept his bmx bike there, which was customized with extra big wheels. The house was very old style, perhaps built in the early 1900’s. It had old style windows and all hardwood floors. The rooms were small and cramped, but it was nicely remodeled and modernized.

For some reason we spent a few nights there. When we were about to leave, a bunch of middle school age kids arrived, running all around the house and being hyper. I think our friend who lives here had a younger sibling who was having a birthday party or something. Mikey was anxious to get back home. We talked a little on the front porch then he walked off carrying his snowboard in hand. I don’t know what brand it is but it was longer than mine. My board was kept in a closet in a bedroom partially buried with other stuff. I was relieved that it was safe and secure. Mikey left behind his bike which he said he’d come back to get later. I checked around to make sure I got everything and remembered I had some stuff on a shelf above the TV in the living room. The TV was on and the kids were watching it. I was concerned that I’d block the view as I reached to get my stuff.

3.27.11 Touristy City Visit

I was in a large group of relatives and family friends visiting the Chinatown section of a major city. The streets were hilly.  We all went to eat a midday lunch break at a favorite and popular Chinese  restaurant, which was in an old part of town. The restaurant bldg itself was very old and dated and needed updating. When we arrived the restaurant was very crowded and there was no place to seat our big group. They ended up placing us at a long single table in the downstairs basement, below the kitchen and main dining room. Our table was the only one there. The lighting was dim and the room was poorly lit with mostly incandescent light bulbs and few fluorescent lights. Restaurant supplies were stored and pushed against the walls. We could hear all the restaurant activity upstairs through the ceiling.

With a group of friends I visited a touristy famous city like Hollywood. The city was located on a hillside. I took a detour from the group and explored the main strip which had small shops selling all sorts of tourist things. I walked up hill a block or two and came to a semi residential area with many old, wood and stucco 2 or 3-story houses. There were parking meters. It was about midday. I seem to recognize some of the bldgs as being Hollywood landmarks, others looked like they were remodeled and converted into businesses/apartments. I continued to walk along a sidewalk above the main strip. There weren’t many pedestrians. There was a dark color van parked along side the curb ahead with some people inside. Its big door was open. They started to get my attention and attempted to sell me some stuff. They were a group of traveling vendors, I thought. I ignored them and turned around, going back to join the group.