5.20.11 First Day Multimedia Class

A friend and I drove to a faraway town located high atop some snowy icy mountain, surrounded by alpine scenery and lots of tall pine trees, to take part in some kind of snow activity. We parked along a curb near the top of a hill. The streets were all hilly, and there were snow and ice everywhere. I was concerned if we had parked in a safe legal spot. We also visited another friend and helped that person move to another place in town.

I was at school on the first day of the semester. One class I went to was a multimedia class or some sort of Web technology class. The teacher was the same lady from the Web class I took this past spring.  The classroom was square, was raised about a foot and a half off the ground, and the door, at the front of the classroom, went directly to the outside, so I think the classroom might be a portable temporary  structure. It was a lecture only classroom, there were no computers, just rows of individual desks and chairs. I arrived a little late but found an open spot at the far end of the first row.  I was concerned that there weren’t going to be enough seating for a few students, but after shuffling around seats and desks there was space for everyone. Most in the class were nerdy gamer type guys but there were a few girls present. The class was very loud and rowdy, as if it was right after lunch. There was horseplay and some were throwing stuff around. The teacher had to spend a little time and effort to quiet everyone down.

A slender and petite girl walked in and came up to me and we talked a little, but before I knew it she kissed me a few times. She was very bold to do this right in front of everyone in the class but no one seemed to care or notice. I knew she had a reputation of being cheap and slutty, and I didn’t really go for that type; it seemed like a superficial relationship. She had long straight hazel color hair and was very cute, and kind of reminds me of Crystal, the hostess from OC. She said she’ll be waiting for me outside and then exited the class where the front door was left open.


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