5.10.11 Upstairs Apartment

I was living in a 2bdrm upstairs apt with 1 or 2 other roommates. The apartment was a little old, like the apartment I had with Tara. One afternoon a friend came back with me to the apt. He offered to give me a haircut. He was tall, slender, had long brown hair, a skater/surfer type, and seemed intelligent and knowledgeable. He was using an electric razor and he cut it too short than what I had liked and I was disappointed. It was like a crew cut style.

I was in a busy part of town in front of a school – either high school or a community college – and was assigned the task of maintaining or cleaning up the sidewalk between the campus property and the main street. It was also a bus loading/unloading area for the school. While I was working, a bus unloaded some students. A trio of girls came up to me and started talking about homework projects. One of the girls had an interest in me. She said she hoped to see me again and wanted to “get to know me more in the future.” She was short and somewhat plump.

Later on I went to this big auditorium and saw several friends there. I asked one of them about the girl who wanted to get to know me more. He said she was “fired” yesterday for not following directions. I was disappointed. Several of us returned to my apt. To my surprise, there were others already in the apt. Someone was crashing in my room. The haircut guy hocked a lugey into the trash container that was near the bathroom door which had some Popsicle sticks in there. I was concerned that the apt was a little too messy to have guests over. We were wondering what happened to Mikey and Matt as they suddenly disappeared. Someone brought in a newspaper. In the other room we crowded around the guy holding the newspaper. In it he read that Mikey and Matt and a third person were fed up with school and had run away.


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