4.25.11 New Longboard with Big Red Wheels

I went to investigate an old abandoned building in a semi rural area. It was about 4 or 5 stories high, had small windows, and thick concrete  exterior walls designed to look like stone. There were no coverings on the windows and it was black inside. It was very gloomy and silent, like a set from a horror movie. The bldg was either L or T shape. It seems I was sent to clean out the basement. I went to explore the basement, which had an entrance to the outside and was partially underground. The door wasn’t secured too well and I was able to get in. Inside it was dark, dank and dusty.  There were lots old junk piled around, mostly household stuff. I found something of interest, a short longboard in good condition, maybe about 31-34″. It had big red transparent wheels. Their size were 72 or 74mm. I was excited at this discovery and anxious to test ride it. I took it home with me. On the way I passed by an Asian lady vendor selling fresh produce at a stand on the streetside.

I was watching a stoner comedy on TV about 2 goofy guys on the run from a drug deal. They were being chased by a big time mob-like kingpin leader and his thugs. It was my first time to watch this comedy. The guys’ home was very messy and clothes and smoking paraphernalia were scattered throughout.

I went to dine at this Chinese buffet that had been converted from a family-style restaurant. It was about mid afternoon and no one was inside except for a pair of Asian women sitting at a small table. The interior was very dated but very bright, looked like it was from the 60’s and hadn’t been remodeled. There were big windows to the sunny day outside, and lots of yellow colors on the walls. Asian-style lamps hung from the ceiling. I wondered why there was no one dining here. The staff was also mysteriously absent at first, then I saw a few ladies talking in the back kitchen. One of them came out and told me to go ahead and help myself. I looked at the rather small selection of dishes and didn’t find much items of interest so I left.


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