4.15.11 Hiding in the Library

I was with family and relatives on a trip or vacation to some place up in the mountains. It was around late spring.  We arrived at a large ski resort and went into their rental shop to get some snow gear. The shop looked like inside a gymnasium with high ceilings, windows near the ceiling, concrete walls and athletic gear scattered about. There was hardly any guests or staff there. When we entered a guy said it was late in the season so they had limited services, staff and rental gear available. We were disappointed, and before we left, I walked around the shop, seeing what they have.

I was at a large university campus. It was very crowded and busy with students. I was with 3 skater/snowboarder type friends and we went to hide inside the library. It was very big and it was mostly single story, with large glass windows showing shaded green landscaping outside. They pulled some prank or did something mischievous and were being chased by a big fat black chick who discovered them and who was a member of the school staff. I just tagged along with them only because we were friends. By hiding and staying on the dl we manage to elude her in the many book racks. When she didn’t find us she ended the pursuit and walked out of the library. We also exited the library, blending in with other students. Then we split up.

Outside the main entrance of the library, it seemed like it was grand central station. It was like a shopping mall main level, a school campus, and a theme park with rides all combined into one place. I was going down this long breezeway/corridor adjacent to a building that resembled an airport concourse. It was crowded with students. A guy near me gave a blonde-haired girl, sitting down and leaning against the wall, a morsel of food on a large comb pick.


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