3.27.11 Touristy City Visit

I was in a large group of relatives and family friends visiting the Chinatown section of a major city. The streets were hilly.  We all went to eat a midday lunch break at a favorite and popular Chinese  restaurant, which was in an old part of town. The restaurant bldg itself was very old and dated and needed updating. When we arrived the restaurant was very crowded and there was no place to seat our big group. They ended up placing us at a long single table in the downstairs basement, below the kitchen and main dining room. Our table was the only one there. The lighting was dim and the room was poorly lit with mostly incandescent light bulbs and few fluorescent lights. Restaurant supplies were stored and pushed against the walls. We could hear all the restaurant activity upstairs through the ceiling.

With a group of friends I visited a touristy famous city like Hollywood. The city was located on a hillside. I took a detour from the group and explored the main strip which had small shops selling all sorts of tourist things. I walked up hill a block or two and came to a semi residential area with many old, wood and stucco 2 or 3-story houses. There were parking meters. It was about midday. I seem to recognize some of the bldgs as being Hollywood landmarks, others looked like they were remodeled and converted into businesses/apartments. I continued to walk along a sidewalk above the main strip. There weren’t many pedestrians. There was a dark color van parked along side the curb ahead with some people inside. Its big door was open. They started to get my attention and attempted to sell me some stuff. They were a group of traveling vendors, I thought. I ignored them and turned around, going back to join the group.


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