3.20.11 Snowboarding Trip Lake Tah North Shore

On a three-day weekend or one-week vacation like spring break I went on a snowboarding trip to an alpine setting like Lake Tahoe, somewhere around north shore. I went with a couple of friends, then we were to met met up a another group of friends living there, who worked at ski resorts or related businesses. After driving on a mountainous  highway we arrived in a small town and then at the house where several of our friends were living. We were to pick them up then go snowboarding at the nearby resort. It was around late morning/midday, and it was sunny.

The friends at this house were all roommates. There were about 3 – 5 people living in the house, which was surrounded by tall trees like pine trees. One of the roommates there was a girl with short hazel colored hair, who reminded me of someone like Marian, the Mt Rose chick. We talked a little and I followed her around the house, then we entered a large master bedroom that was connected by a door to an adjoining house. She entered the door to see if anyone was in the other house. I was anxious to leave to go boarding but everyone else didn’t seem anxious to go. One of the roommate wanted to prepare and eat lunch before boarding and the others in my group decided to join in. I got mad and left for the resort myself.

I arrived at the resort and it was starting to get cloudy as dark gray clouds started covering the sky. The resort seemed like Northstar but I don’t recognize it; it was a place I never been to before. I went to the main office located on the first floor of a two story bldg to ask for directions to the rental shop. The rental shop was upstairs. I went in and ask for my board. For some reason my snow gear was stored in the rental shop.


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