3.16.11 Beach Dormitory

I was living in an apt-style dormitory at a beachfront. I had 2 or 3 roommates. The front door opened to an indoor hallway, and at the other end a glass sliding door opened to a patio, with stairs going to the beach below.  Everyone in the bldg were students at a large university, most of whom were in the film dept. In the living room near the front door, four of us were talking about schoolwork. We were sitting on the floor. There also seem to be a spa in the living room.  A mysterious small silver colored ball appeared out of thin air and hovered around the spa, flying slowly as if looking for something. It was less than an inch in diameter. Two in our group left, but a girl and I stayed. I laid down on the floor flat as if trying to avoid detection, then the girl laid next to me, writhing like a snake, her head resting on my left arm. She was skinny, had long curly hazel colored hair and was wearing a maroon or plum colored tank top.

Alex came by my apt with a group of other students who were all part of a movie project we were working on.  The roommates in my apt were also part of the group, including myself. He called for a meeting of everyone. We went into the patio and sat in the outdoor furniture. It was bright and sunny, around midday. Someone was in a wheelchair, who I was asked to assist.


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