2-2-11 Windy Night

I was living in some dorms that consisted of studio apartment style living arrangements, 1 or 2 per room. It was a 2-story bldg that resembled more like a cheap motel. I was on the ground floor and had my own place. There was an amusement park next door and its roller coasters can be seen from my front door.  It was middle of the night or early morning. The weather was very windy, and the electricity went out momentarily. I was concerned that my alarm clock would not be working because it was plugged into the wall.

I opened the front door. A girl was spraying down her car parked in front of my door with a water hose. I wondered why she would be doing something like that. I closed the door so water sprays wouldn’t get in. I looked out the window and saw several other students gathered at the hood of another car and taking pictures of themselves.


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