12.31.10 Lumber Mill/Warehouse/Retailer

I was working in a lumber mill that is a combination of a mfg processing factory, warehouse and home improvement center all under one roof. Lumber was mfg’d here, stored here, and the facility was open to the public like a Home Depot. The building was very large almost like an indoor shopping mall. There were areas that I never have to go to. All the coworkers were classmates. Matt R was one of the shift leaders.  There were stacks of plywood and various other types of lumber and wood products neatly organized into sections and shelves. There were cutting equipment and other machinery in operation that made the place noisy.

At the end of the day some of us went into one of several rest rooms to wash up then clock out. There I met a classmate that looked like Kevin, who I met at PacSun. On the way out I saw Matt talking with some other supervisory staff near some machinery.

With a group of relatives and family friends I was at a big amusement park on a sunny day. The park’s property included some coastline beaches. We were inland in a woody-tropical like area waiting for the monorail at a station. The park was so big that we got around riding their mass transit.


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