12-23-10 Ultra Super Fast Subway

I was at home myself, in a woody hilly rustic area. The home was fairly big. I felt a sudden slight jolt then a little rumbling sound that slowly grew louder and stronger. I knew it must’ve been an earthquake and quickly held on to a post or the edge of a wall. But it wasn’t an ordinary earthquake. It was very strange. There were no violent shaking or sudden movements in the ground. Instead there was a rumbling sound and very slight shaking. It felt like riding in a super fast elevator or speeding trolley or cart.  The shaking was continuous. I thought it could be something like the earth slowing down or a reversal in the magnetic field. I was scared because I didn’t know what would happen when the trembling stopped. Would there be no more gravity? Would there be an effect like crashing into something? Would it end with some big explosion? Or a big ground-shaking jolt that would collapse the house?

I was riding a super ultra fast underground subway car, traveling to a distant city, either for a vacation or a mission of some kind. There was a small group of other classmates inside, and one or two pilots. It seemed like this was a military project and that we were “guests”. The subway accelerated with great g-force, which I’ve never experienced before. It kept accelerating. The acceleration lasted longer than riding inside a jet plane place taking off. Shortly after, ears started popping, as the air pressure increased. This feeling continued as the subway was still accelerating, to its cruising speed. It was uncomfortable since this was my first time to ride this kind of vehicle, but soon made the adjustment. We could feel the sensation of speed. It seemed like we traveled thousands of miles in just about an hour.  When we emerged at the surface terminal, it was mid or late afternoon. There were lots of trees around the terminal, and there were lots of people walking about.

I was on a field trip with a group of classmates to a downtown section of a busy city. I wandered around a Chinese restaurant. I went downstairs to where the kitchen was to investigate. An angry cook, an old Chinese man, kicked me out. I went to a glass walled concourse that was suspended above one of the main boulevards and was part of a big shopping mall. There I meet up with some girl classmates.



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