11.24.10 Sacramento BBQ Ribs

I was attending a school located in a wide-open flat desert area and located next to a gambling city like Las Vegas.  There was lots of new construction going on next to campus. During a lunch break I walked over to take a look. There were new shopping malls, movie theater, dining establishments, other retail stores and business offices.  The streets were still dirt and gravel. Some of the larger buildings had weird strange architecture, like concrete walls that were placed atop roofs and were aimed straight up for no functional purpose. The place had a theme park downtown kind of feel. I had to hurry back to campus to the next class which was a math class  so I won’t be late for a written test that was scheduled for that day.

I went on a road trip to Sacramento to visit a friend – could be a pen pal or snowboarder person. At a hilly woody area of town I visited a hamburger stand, but instead of hamburgers, they sold BBQ ribs and other BBQ items. There were lots of college students there. They all encourage me to eat there. I ordered one plate of BBQ ribs which looked juicy and tasty and some side items for around $8. I was surprised of the low price for something big and tasty.


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