11.16.10 Fancy Restaurant

I had reservations to dine at a fancy upscale restaurant. I was supposed to have a date but I arrived myself. It was daytime, and seemed like it was brunch or late lunch. The place wasn’t too busy. The reservation I had was for the 2-person deal for $49. The place was rather small, like it was a converted house. It was homey, cozy, warm and charming, and the interior decor was a combination of modern/19th century Victorian. I decided to leave and not eat there.

I was onboard a commuter train with friends/classmates. The train was very crowded. At a station it had a mechanical problem – some tubing or cable broke. We got off and went our own way. Some of us got on a large vehicle, like a garbage truck, and rode on its roof as it drove around town going from dumpster to dumpster.


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