11.5.10 1-Day Lift Pass to Another Resort

I stepped out into the patio of my apt which faces a courtyard/quad area in the apt complex to get some fresh air. It was early evening, and there were numerous tenants mostly students playing on the lawn. It seems like someone was having an outdoor party. Suddenly a small futuristic helicopter flew by then made a sharp turn and dived toward the quad, swooping by fast and low to the ground, surprising and shocking the people in the quad.  Immediately after wards a small 2-person electric vehicle sped by on the sidewalk near my patio. It was closely followed by another electric vehicle with sirens.

It look like two students who were probably drunk were being chased by police. The chase went all over the apt complex. I went out to watch the action.  There was another vehicle being persued and more police vehicles all speeding all over the sidewalks. Many other people mostly college students, were watching. The chase finally ended in the breezeway near the rec room, where there were lots of people partying. I was inside the rec room with alot of other students watching through the glass sliding doors as the action came to a close.

I was at a ski resort for a day of snowboarding. At this particular resort I was at there was a special women-only one day workshop/camp taking place somewhere, but I didn’t care because I wasn’t going to participate anyways. I rode down some steep hill sides. The snow was packed and the snow levels were low. There weren’t many other people around. At the bottom of the hill I heard news of a special 1 day pass exchange for another resort for certain people (like employees or members of a club) of which I was qualified. I decided to take advantage of that since it was free. A shuttle bus would take us there then return by the end of the day.  It was mid or late morning when it arrived. There was a large group of us going to this other resort and the shuttle ride there was crowded.


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