10.27.10 First Floor Dorms

I was at a community rec center where there was a meeting of other classmates/filmmakers. We were to discuss an upcoming project. The meeting was in a large hall with a kitchen and other smaller rooms. Everyone was seated in couches or chairs in a living room style arrangement. There were lots of students in this meeting, almost seemed like it was a party. I was surprised that there would be this many crew members for a student project.

I was living on campus in the dorms. The unit I was in was on the ground floor.  The bathroom and kitchen was near the front door.  The dining room, living room and bedrooms were all merged into one big room with a single horizontal window looking out into a big open quad area with lots of green lawn and other shrubbery hugging the buildings. I had two other dormmates. The dorm looked more like a motel room/studio apt. I was alone in the dorm.

I had just awakened from a long nap. The temperature was rather hot. I looked out the window and it was nighttime. The area outside the window was well lit from lamps on high lamp posts, and I saw some other students playing in the lawn, some of them shirtless.

There was  a knock on the door. It was a friend who lived on the top floor who said he wanted to come down here and cool off. He had long sandy-blond curly hair. He was holding a can drink, like an energy drink. He seemed drunk. He laid down on a bed and I asked him to go, and he left. Right after he left, there was another knock. It was a girl and guy, who said there were here to pick up our big tube TV that we weren’t using anymore. The girl was holding a large hand truck. She was about 5-6, had long straight brunette hair parted in the middle, dark eyes, roundish face and was wearing a reddish or maroon outfit. She was hot looking and I was surprised that someone like her would be doing physical labor work. The guy was nerdy geeky looking.

I let them in even though I didn’t know anything about this TV. I looked around for it and found it on the floor. Its outer casing had been removed for some reason and was laying nearby. They said they could only take it if it was fully assembled. I decided to help them and put the casing back on. I looked around for some small screws and I found some in a small plastic bag among all the junk and crap laying in our messy dorm. I went to get a screwdriver from my tool box – more like a tool briefcase – and when I opened it all the tools were missing.


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