9.17.10 Underground Apartment

I was living in an underground apartment complex in a flat tree-less area. There were 5 levels, the first level was at the surface. From the surface it looked like a small structure. It contained a glass lobby and elevators. Next door and attached to the apartment complex is an identical underground complex but it contained warehouses and business offices. It had its own lobby but looked exactly like the residential apartments, just reversed symmetrically.  My apt was on the third level. I lived with three roommates, all classmates. The corridors to the apartments were decorated with dark red or brown colors, had a Victorian-era style and looked like a high-end hotel. There were lots of people on the ground surface. It seemed like there was some kind of fair, festival going on, or it was an amusement park.

I accidentally went down the elevator on the business office side. I went into a large men’s room on the second level. There was a big group of Japanese tourists in there. When I went out I realized I left my sunglasses back there. I returned to the restroom and found my shades, but it was broken.

I was living on campus in housing that looked more like ordinary 2 bdrm apartments than dormitories. I bought a medium size pizza from Round Table and two other items that looked like burritos. I went into a staff break room located next to classrooms looking for an oven to warm up the pizza. A group of students had just finished an activity inside the room and were all waiting around in the class room. The room was very messy and things were scattered all about. Someone helped me find an oven and he finally found one. It was a portable electric oven.

Next door to the school was a tourist attraction/theme park that had lots of small boutiques and shops lining the border between the campus and this attraction. It looked like a swap meet or vendor section at the county fair. I wandered into a small electronics store. I examined a small portable B/W TV. It was selling for very cheap but some external parts including the battery pack were missing. I wanted to get back to the campus side. It was late afternoon. For some reason they made it very difficult to pass between the park and school. The only way back to school was through this store that had a wood deck. It was like a home improvement vendor. The shopkeeper was hosing down the deck and didn’t seem to want to let people through. I attempted to run across the deck. The shopkeeper tried to spray me but I only got partially wet.


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