2.20.10 Water Park Shopping Mall

I was visiting a city like Reno, staying in a relatives’ house. It was either spring or fall. There was a mountain range to the west. There was to be a test firing of a missile from a military base on the other side of that mountain range. The weather was starting to get cloudy and grey and clouds started rolling in from the west, covering the sunlight. I looked out a big bedroom window that faces the west mountains to watch the launch. The missile took off, but after a few thousand feet up, it malfunctioned and fell back to earth, crashing in to the ground in a huge fireball. Immediately afterwards, out from the all the smoke, numerous smaller missiles shot up into the air then all exploded into miniature mushroom clouds in an apparent air burst nuclear detonation. It was nightmarish. I ran in the opposite direction to try to escape the blast and radiation, but it already caught up.

I went to visit Diana who lived in a single story apt that was connected to other units in a single row. She had her own small home business, selling small household animals as pets.

I was traveling with a group of relatives and classmates to a place like Bay Area. We stopped to visit a large shopping mall. The mall was constructed as a sort of water park, where stores and restaurants were clustered together as “islands” surrounded by pools of water. The perimeter of each island was a concrete walkway or pier. Shoppers had to wade across waist-deep water to get from building to building. The challenge was that there were sharks swimming around in the pools, because the shopping center water park was opened to the bay waters, and sharks entered the shopping mall pools looking for prey to dine on.


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