12.3.09 Group Trip to the Beach

I was with a small group of relatives and friends and we drove out to a touristy beach. It was a sunny afternoon. There were old homeless men living on the beach near the shoreline, some in wooden huts built on small piers. They were behind wire fences and we were not allowed access to them, as if they were some kind of zoo specimens on display. One of them was cooking a big pot of smoked sausages that were chopped up into segments. It was very close to the fence and the fence was very low and I was able to snag one piece for a bite.

We returned to where we had parked, which was in a parking structure on the second or third level. There was a puddle of liquid under the other parked cars and we were wondered where it was coming from and whether it was water or engine fluids. Something was leaking we thought, as it was a sunny day.

I was playing in a lake or river in a rain forest/tropical setting. There were lots of other people there, it was like a tourist attraction. The water was very still and clear. There were small islands scattered throughout, and some small live trees free floating around the surface of the water. I was about to take a picture of one and show it to someone.

I had just finish moving in to a small apartment on the second story of an old wooden exterior building. I looked around and wondered if there was enough space for all my stuff.


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