I was going to school at a very large campus. Diane was one of my classmates and we were working on somekind of photographic project together. There was a spacious cafeteria in the center of a large building. There were picnic-like tables everywhere and it was crowded. I was looking for a spot to sit. It seemed like it was about noon. When I finally found a spot I overheard students who were sitting nearby talking about something dirty and graphic like sex.

I was walking in a smaller quad or courtyard in some back area of the campus that didn”t have much foot traffic. At a park bench I met up with Christina B who was working part time as a club or band promoter. She showed me some local music scene magazines and cut out some articles or coupons for me. The sky was cloudy and it looked like it was about to rain. Seems like I was about to participate in some event that she was working on. I had to leave to go to my next class. There was a lightning strike closeby and I felt electrical energy all over myself and buzzing all over the place. Immediately it started to rain. I was concerned that all my books and stuff are going to get wet. I said goodbye to Christina and started off to my next class. I took a shortcut through the phys ed building. There weren’t many people there. I passed through several rooms which I found surprising because i didn’t think that the PE dept was that big.


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