11.21.09 Friday Night Clubbing in Long Beach

Diane and I went to a club called Seville in Long Beach to take photos for her employer, Myclubscene.com. Had an awesome time! She was assigned to cover an event there put on by 944.com, a lifestyle mag. We got lost going there, so it’s a good thing we left extra early. We ended up parking in the parking structure of a Walmart, where we bought batteries for the flash unit. Even with time lost from driving around and looking for parking, we arrived with still enough time to set up and look around before the crowds arrived. We entered through the VIP entrance and after we were cleared by the bouncers, we were given blue wristbands. I overheard that the cover was $10, but as we were representing a website we got in with no charge. The floor was super-packed! Even in this uncertain economy, people still want to party and dance. One of the cocktail waitresses was passing around free drinks. I think it was some kind of margarita mix. There were of course scantily-dressed girls dancing on platforms next to the DJ station, as the DJ did his spins. The music was super loud. When Diane wanted to communicate with me, she’d text something into her blackberry and then show me the screen. I’d then enter my response by typing something on the screen and handing it back to her. A new use for texting! Inside loud clubs!

One thing I thought was interesting was that in the men’s room, there was actually a dude standing there that was personally handing out paper towels. He was basically watching you as you did your thing, which gave me a weird feeling. There was a line outside the ladies room, which was even more crowded. As we were leaving we went across the DJ stage. At the bar at the front of the club, Diane took some more pictures, while I found myself standing in front of this trio of hot girls who where taking photos of themselves. We made eye contact and I could tell they gave me the look-over. Among them, the one standing nearest to me was actually “my type.” Surprisingly, she motioned to me to take their picture for them. She handed me the camera, the flash went off, and after I handed it back, I asked her if they were from around here. She said yea. Hmm was this conversation going somewhere? By then Diane got me and said we should go because she was starting to get a little light-headed from all the flashing lights. The girl trio probably thought Diane was my date or something. I gave them one last look as we headed to the stairwell, where Diane took a picture of me with one of the bouncers, and soon indoor flashing lights turned into outdoor city lights.

There were one or two police cruisers parked outside, and cops standing around. I asked one of them about their presence. He said they were there because fights sometimes break at these clubs. Diane and I were there until about 1:30am. I might add that this is the first club I went to that was non-smoking, which is great because I don’t leave the place smelling like smoke. While Diane went around shooting pics, I did meet and talked with a couple of hot chicks, but I doubt that I would ever hook up with any of them. That’s a story for another time! Nonetheless, the one with the camera made my day!


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