11.14.09 Flatland Snowboarding


I had never heard of this, but I knew it was inevitable. Sooner or later someone had to invent it. And now I guess someone already has.  I’m talking about cross country snowboarding. Yes, just like XC skiing, it’s snowboarding on level ground. These 2 extreme sports pioneers are wanting to popularize it and have made a video, which you can see in the link above. Is this lame or cool? In the video, they look like 2 bunny rabbits hopping across the trail. It looks hilarious at first. But the foundation of snowboarding is being “different” and alternative, and it’s all about exploring new ways of doing things. I guess we’ll let the viewers decide.

I’ve made my plans and reservations for this year’s trip to Lake Tahoe this past week. I’m very excited and looking forward to it. It includes three days of riding, split between Mt Rose and Squaw Valley, and one day off-hill. This year for the first time I will not be going to Northstar. It’s very expensive there, where a day ticket now costs $79, not to mention they’re the only resort that do not offer student discounts.  Mt Rose and Squaw do, however, which I’m able take advantage of. Plus I’m not all that thrilled about the Northstar mountain for some reason. Its terrain seems plain and generic and lacks diversity. It can get very crowded there with mostly Bay Area people that clog the trails. In fact it can get so crowded there that I made a video called “Afternoon Rush Hour” and posted it on my Youtube. The last time I was there I rented my gear. All they had in the rental shop were leftover boards that no one wanted. But my biggest complaint is the way the mountain is set up. To get from the base lodge area to the mountain, you need to take a tram, which is the only way to get up to the mountain. This creates a huge bottleneck problem especially in the morning when a zillion skiers and boarders arrive at the mountain. As a result it can take up to an hour in the lift line as you wait to board the tram. No other ski resort I’ve been to has this problem. Long-time employees have told me that the place has become too corporate as well. For these reasons, I have omitted Northstar from my agenda.

Just 35 minutes from downtown Reno, Nev., Mt Rose is the closet ski area to town. This year I’ll visit there two days, one day each during their “Student Discount Day” and their “Ladies Day”.  Mt Rose is unique. Although it’s comparatively smaller than other area resorts, Mt Rose for me is synonymous with hot boarder chicks. I’ve met more boarder chicks there than at any of the other Tahoe resorts, so I’m excited to see what “Ladies Day” is all about.

The other ski area where I met lots of boarder chicks is at Timberline, which, interestingly, is about the same size and has the same number of lifts as Mt Rose. The smaller skiable acreage must have something to do with it. Smaller resorts really do seem to be more personable.


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