11.08.09 Halloween

My Halloween treat this year was watching one of my favorite horror flicks – The Shining! Well-written, great setting and still scary. It’s a ‘ghostly’ feeling to see a three-person family having an entire hotel to themselves. A recovering alcoholic drinker-writer is hired to be the winter caretaker of a Colorado hotel. He takes his family along, then under the solitude he trades his soul with an evil entity hiding in the hotel for one more drink, then, possessed by the evil entity, tries to kill his son because the son has a certain psychic ability called the “shining”. You can view the whole movie on Youtube.

The first time I heard of the movie was when I started riding at Timberline Lodge on Mt Hood, Oregon, which was featured in the movie. The south side exterior of Timberline was used as the wide angle shot of the Overlook Hotel in the movie, but all interior scenes, including the hedge maze, were shot on soundstages in England, according to imdb.com. In the Stephen King novel, Room 217 was the room that was occupied by a former caretaker who also murdered his family. Timberline has an actual Room 217 and requested the producers change the room number to 237 so guests wouldn’t be scared away.


Screenshot of Timberline’s south side from the movie. Note the missing day lodge in the bottom right corner.



Head chef giving the Torrances a tour of the kitchen.



One of my buddies and I at Timberline after some late spring riding.


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