11.6.09 Campus Setting with a Private Pool


I was on a college campus walking around in between classes. It seemed more like a community college type of campus. It occupied a very large acreage and the buildings were very spread out. The were almost no second story buildings, almost like grade school, but much bigger. In some of the outlying areas there were portable classroom buildings, like those you see on high school campuses. Some of the quad areas and the walkways between buildings were partially covered, providing plenty of shade.

I was talking with a temp sub teacher who was wearing mostly black. We were leaving a classroom. I then walked to the far end of the campus that bordered a residential neighborhood which consisted of small track homes. There was a water fountain, tables, benches and other sitting areas for hanging out. There were alot of other students, like it was lunchtime. It was a sunny warm spring afternoon. There was a chain link fence that separated the backyard of one of the private properties with the campus. A door in the fence was wide open, connecting the school to the private property. The house was an older track house with a few tall trees scattered around the property. There was a small swimming pool in the backyard, and a few students were in the pool splashing around. Connected to the house was a tiki-type bar. I thought this was a perfect deal for college students but wondered why the school hadn’t closed off the campus from that house.

I arrived home. I was living in some kind of apartment, getting ready to sleep. It seemed like the next day was going to be a very big day.


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