10.29.09 How to Snowboard Online Videos


I came across an excellent how-to-snowboard website that has streaming videos. If you’ve been looking for streaming videos on snowboarding instruction, I think this may be exactly what you’ve been looking for. The site is called snowprofessor.com.

The site is run by a brother-sister team from Colorado. They’re both snowboard instructors. They started the site because, as mentioned in their Web page, they went looking for how to snowboard videos on the Internet but couldn’t find any decent ones, so they decided to make their own how to snowboard video series.

The site contains a series of videos divided by topic. Most of the videos are devoted to instructing the novice how to move around on a snowboard on the snow, and is broken down into short chapters starting with the real basics and ending with linking turns.  There are a few other videos on tips, like how to do jumps and how to buy your gear. Usually one from the pair is in front of the camera demonstrating, while the other is behind the camera.

I really enjoyed watching these instructional videos. The wide-screen video quality was excellent, unlike the often blurriness problem found in many Youtube videos. The picture quality was crystal clear.  They used lots of analogies that made it easier to understand. The instruction was clear, concise, straightforward and easy to follow.  I noticed they avoided technical jargon. For example, they referred to jumping up with your board as a “pop”, whereas in snowboarding and skateboarding lingo that would be called an “ollie”. And I especially liked how when the narrator would be talking about how to do something, they showed a clip of someone demonstrating it on the hill, so you could follow along and see what they’re talking about. The audio production was excellent too.

As a former snowboard instructor myself, I see that they have included all the necessary progressions and presented them in the proper sequence, using simple, easy to understand terminology. I highly recommend this site. It may be the definitive learn to snowboard video series on the Internet. If you’re a newbie and want to learn snowboarding but don’t know where to begin, go check em out.


One thought on “10.29.09 How to Snowboard Online Videos”

  1. Thanks for the post! It was fun to stumble across your blog. Very clean design!

    I’m glad you found our site and liked our videos. We are working on more for this year and next year. We’ve filmed and written 7 more freestyle videos, 4 more intermediate episodes, 4 more all-mountain lessons and a couple pre-season and equipment tuning episodes. Hopefully we’ll have some done soon, but it’s tough to find time between jobs and family stuff.

    Thanks again for the support!

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