I did some researching to find out where and when the local ski and snowboard show will be. I found out it’s called Skidazzle and it will take place at the LA Convention Center on Halloween weekend, in 2 weeks. I’ll let you know how that went. On their Web site skidazzlelosangeles.com, I see that attendees will receive a complimentary lift pass to Big Bear/Snow Summit. The event takes place over 3 days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

About mid-October to late October, skiing filmmaker Warren Miller debuts his latest film, also as part of the pre-ski season tradition. Over the years I have seen bits and pieces of his previous films on skiing shows on cable stations like Fox Sports, but never had any real interest in going to see a full movie because it seemed mostly aimed at skiing. My first (and only) time I went to see a Warren Miller movie was in Portland Oregon when I went with a group consisting of two families, their kids and their kids’ friends. I went as a result of a special group pricing deal, arranged by one of my snowboarding buddy’s mom. It was shown at an indie theater in downtown. Miller puts so much of the action in slo-mo, the rock music was slow paced and sleepy, and the soothing calming narration style of Miller was so drowsy that all the kids in our group fell asleep by the second half of the movie. Afterwards, some of the boarders complained that there weren’t enough snowboarding action, which I agree. Some where during the evening, each person got a hand-out bag containing all sorts of goodies including coupons and a voucher for a complimentary ski ticket to Heaven Valley, which I never used because I don’t usually go there. I have not went to see another of his movies since then.

One thing he did in his films that I thought was memorable, interesting and a novelty was that he would station a camera atop a ski lift and record ski lift disembarking mishaps. It seemed quite funny. One year at Mt Rose, I did my own version. I noticed alot of people were falling off at the top of the beginner lift so I sat across the way and began recording. I’ve edited the most interesting parts together into this little video below. It’s called People Falling of the Chairlift. In the 2 and a half years I’ve had it up, it amassed over 84,600 views, making it the most watched video on my Youtube channel:

People Falling Off the Chairlift



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