Today we had the first rainfall of the season. Yay! It was heavy mostly in the early morning hours, then becoming mostly a drizzle throughout the day. All the other students were in long pants, wearing jackets and hoodies and carrying umbrellas. What a big change from the summery weather last month, when girls were in skimpy tops, short shorts and flops. Now all the girls are wearing those sheep skin boots! Are those supposed to be comfortable or what? Can guys wear those too?

While eating lunch outside the comm bldg I met and talked with filmmaking classmate Corey. He just got out of a meeting with his screenwriting professor. He’s also writing a comedy. He also boards. I said we should hookup this winter and he said that”ll be sweet. I had a comm lab test Monday, a take-home midterm test Monday from a multimedia class, an exam in comm lecture today, another quiz in media history today, and another quiz next Monday. Mid October seems to be test-crunch time.

Today is the birthday of my Oregon pen pal Teresa, aka Tonic. She would be pleased to know I remembered her b-day. We met through a music mag. She was one big party chick. I understand she was a smoker and a drinker. Believe it or not, we communicated the old fashioned way – by paper and postal mail! Wasn’t that sweet? Even though I was living in Oregon too, we never met in person, but for some weird reason, I dated her best friend. I say weird because she was a country music girl and I hate country music, nor was she really my type. I can’t remember her name. Thank goodness. I stopped corresponding with Tonic when she sent me letters telling me she got hooked up with some guy and had a few kids with him. Plus I started to turn my attention to snowboarding. Future gf’s should know that if you’re not into country music, we should be OK.


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