10.14.09 Planet-wide Devastation


I was living on an alien world, an Earth-like planet, but it was much smaller than Earth. Environmentally, geographically and topographically it was very similar to Earth. Every year during the spring equinox, for whatever reason, the planet’s rotation was artificially stopped. It was to occur overnight, sometime in the early morning hours, when most people were asleep. Tonight was the night this event was to occur.

I was sleeping on my bed in my bedroom. I was alone in the room. It was very big and it was rectangular in shape. It was located upstairs on a second or third level and had an overview of the street below. The room was situated on a bridge that crossed the street. Even though this planetary event happened regularly and was routine, I wanted to be awake to witness it. I slept lightly, awakening sometime after midnight. The room was very dark, with only minimal light entering through the big window. At aproximately 2am, I heard a deafening boom and then a short thunderous sound like a rocket blast-off, followed by a high pitch whine that sounded like a bomb being dropped from the air, and then there was the sound of a massive explosion, like a nuclear explosion, but there was no bright light and little blast effects. It was scary. Then suddenly, I felt a strong pressure or force that forced me to move in one direction. Everything not tied down slid to one direction, as the planet came to a grinding halt. It was a very powerful force, like the jolt of an earthquake except instead of a short jolt, it was long jolt. I am reminded of that scene from Spaceballs where Dark Helmet ordered the ship to stop from “ludicrous” speed.

During the start of daylight at sunrise, I pulled aside the thin curtains and peaked out the window. The street was scattered with debris and rubble. As if to escape the destruction, I rode on the top deck of a touristy double decker bus out to the countryside on a country road that meandered through fields, forests and meadows. Along the way, I (or we, there might be another person) was stopped by authorities that resembled a cross between the highway patrol and the FBI, who drove dark brown colored vehicles.

Earthquakes and nuclear wars are certainly a concern. Interestingly, while doing researching on “equinox” and “UTC” (Universal Time, Coordinated) I found out that the Earth’s rotation is in fact slowly decreasing, and that Hewlett-Packard, the maker of laptops, built one of the earlier atomic clocks. Coincidentally, I just got word that tomorrow, California will have a statewide “Shakedown Day” where schools and public offices will hold earthquake drills.


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