10.11.09 Party Pad


I was about to move in to a big apartment high in the mountains. Some of the people living there were friends I knew already. It seems like it was the employee housing to a ski resort. The setting sort of resembles the village just outside of the Mammoth Mtn ski area. Before moving in I previewed the apartment and the room I was about to move into. There were many others in the apartment, like a party was going on, but it was midday, around 12 or 1pm., and someone, I think a girl, was showing me around. It was very messy. There were also lots of markings and inscriptions on the walls, typical of a snowboarders’ apartment.

I was on a crowded tour bus, traveling through the mountains, then we arrived at an isolated desolate town where we got off.

I began watching on Youtube last night the 1980 movie The Shining, a Stephen King horror movie that takes place at a fictional hotel in the Colorado Rockies.


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